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Improve Your Life in So Many Ways with Moringa Oil

Improve Your Life in So Many Ways with Moringa Oil

moringaMoringa is extremely important in places like Africa and India, where it’s often used as a food (and has been for over 4,000 years). It’s not expensive to grow and grows easily and quickly, so the moringa plant has become an important part of the battle against malnutrition. Fresh moringa leaves make a healthy, nutrient-rich meal. Young moringa pods can be prepared much in the same way as green beans, and moringa seeds can be roasted and eaten (think roasted peanuts) or eaten like peas.

Moringa in the Western World

Recently, moringa has started to catch on in the United States and Europe. People love adding moringa to their diets in any way they can—by mixing moringa powder into their shakes and smoothies, as well as sprinkling it into their soups and onto salads. For a quick moringa dose on the go, moringa extract and moringa powder capsules are also available.

The Nutritional Value of Moringa

What makes moringa so great as a nutritional supplement? Well, it’s a natural source of potassium, beta carotene, protein, vitamin C and calcium. In fact, it’s higher in potassium, protein, and calcium than bananas, yogurt and milk, respectively. For vegans and vegetarians, moringa is a valuable dietary supplement due to its level of both protein and B-vitamins.

How Moringa Can Help Your Health

Moringa isn’t just a nutrient-packed dietary supplement; it can also help combat a slew of common health issues. Diabetics value moringa for its ability to balance (and lower) blood sugar. Moringa is known to reduce cholesterol and blood pressure, as well as inflammation in the body (making it a wonderful treatment for things such as arthritis and stomach ulcers). It’s also a natural immune system booster.

Moringa Oil: A Great Way to Improve Your Health

In most places, moringa is available in a variety of forms, from powder to tea, moringa bars and oil. Moringa oil comes from the seeds of the moringa plant. The oil is colorless, tastes sweet and has no smell. Many people compare the nutritional value of moringa oil to another healthy nutritional staple—olive oil.

Moringa oil is fantastic to use in cooking; it can be used to fry food. Use it to make mayonnaise or to whip up a nutrient-rich, healthy, homemade salad dressing. You can also mix it with herbs and use it as a tasty dipping oil for bread. Toss it with pasta or drizzle it over pizza—you can use moringa oil anywhere you’d use olive oil in your cooking.

Although it’s great for cooking, the most valuable uses of moringa oil go way beyond the kitchen. Cosmetics companies have started using moringa in their products, as they’ve discovered the many benefits this plant has for the skin. Use a bit on your face as a cleanser or a moisturizer to help protect against pollutants and free radicals, as well as improve skin tone and freshness. You can also use moringa oil as a base for any homemade beauty products.

Moringa oil also makes a fantastic hair conditioner. Simply put a dab of oil in your palm and massage it into your damp hair and scalp after your next shower. Your hair will feel soft, yet strong. Moringa helps naturally repair split ends and moisturizes the skin on your scalp. It is also delivering key nutrients to your hair follicles. You’ll be happy you dumped that expensive name brand conditioner for moringa oil.

Whether you use a little or a lot, your moringa oil will keep. It can be stored indefinitely at room temperature; unlike other oils, it will not go rancid. That’s right. Moringa oil does not go bad. Keep that bottle around for anyone of these amazing uses as long as you want.

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