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Importance of Listing Your Local Business Online

Importance of Listing Your Local Business Online

For your local business, it requires more than SEO techniques to reach to a wider set of local audience. You can benefit by listing your business in local online directories like Google, Bing, Yelp, and Yahoo to list a few. Search engines use these directories to provide searchers with results based on your location which helps your website to get viewed in the SERP (search engine results page) .

This will help more and more people to know about your business when they search for any of your product that they need. In your listings you can optimize them by adding the keywords for the services and products you offer. Thus, local business listings help to build brand visibility and awareness among users.

About Business Listings

If you want more and more people to know about your business, then besides your website, you need to get your business mentioned at other places on the web too. Local business citations or business listings are one of the effective ways to mention your business all over the web.

These “mentions” comprise of the basic information of your business, like your name, contact number, address, reviews, etc. offers solutions to manage your business listings across the web, managing over 170 authorities directories.

How important is business listing for search engines?

It is because the information that you mention on your website isn’t considered as a listing. Search engines like Google need a little more credibility about your business before they can trust. So, they consider external sources to authorize the details present on your website and ensure that you are doing serious business.

Not just mentioning your business in directory is sufficient to get Google to rank you on their result page. It is also required that you use the right amount and good quality of citations. These are the factors that it considers in ranking its search algorithms. Also, it requires that other websites to mention about your business so as to prove your worth.

What are the best ways to register your business in online directories?

There are several directories by which a business can register itself for their products and services. These are:

  • Yelp
  • Bing
  • Google My Business
  • Superpages
  • City Search
  • Open Table
  • Urban Spoon
  • Yellow Pages
  • Yahoo Local
  • Merchant Circle
  • Trip Advisor

Benefits of Local Listings

Listing to online directories gives businesses the ability to get connected with more customers. Other benefits of listings are as follows.

  • Helps you rank your business higher in results shown on search engine page.
  • Create plenty of opportunities to make your business visible among people.
  • It acts like a modern age telephone book.

Ways to get your business listed

Let us understand the process to begin with listing in online directories.

Setting Up Google Places for Business

Google Places enables businesses to form an online listing that contains information about the physical location of their business. Using it, ensures your data to appear correctly in Google properties, Google Maps, and display and search networking websites.

Optimize Google Places

To compete with the business operating in the same local arena is very much competitive. This implies that it is very important to give an edge to your business by optimizing Google Places page.


All the above information would have surely enhanced your knowledge about online listing of business and its benefits. So, don’t wait more and get your business registered to online directory today.

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