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How to Use Movavi Screen Capture Studio to Record Online Video Streaming

How to Use Movavi Screen Capture Studio to Record Online Video Streaming

grtgrtgeMany video sharing sites such as YouTube do not offer users the option to download the videos onto their computers. In order to watch a video on YouTube, you must have internet connection. If you are not online most of the time, your only option is to download the video onto your computer so that you can watch it when you are free. You can use a screen recorder software like Movavi Screen Capture Studio to record the YouTube video and other live streaming video.

All you have to do is to launch Movavi Screen Capture Studio and go to the video page. Next, you must turn on the full screen mode on the video and adjust the orange edged rectangle frame to the entire screen. The width and height of the screen capture area are listed on the top left of the rectangle frame. You can also set the capture are by choosing from the preset with the drop down menu at the bottom.

After that, you can press the play button to start streaming the video. When you press the Rec button, you will notice that the orange edge line will turn into a red edge line to indicate that it is in recording mode. You must remember to come back to your desktop at the time when the video comes to an end so that you can stop the recording and save it to your computer.

The video recording can be paused at any time by clicking on the pause button. When you press the stop button, the video player will appear and you will be able to lay back the entire video to see if the video is properly recorded. In Movavi Screen Capture Studio, you can select the destination where you want the video to be saved. There are many options of video file formats to choose from when you are saving the video. You can press the delete button to delete the video if you don’t want the video anymore.

Movavi Screen Capture Studio is suitable for recording any length of video. It can record a video that is at least one hour or more non stop without getting stuck. It has much lesser lagging issues compared to other screen capture programs because it uses only minimal level of CPU usage. You can directly upload the video that you have recorded without having to save the file first on your computer. You can choose from 3 types of quality when uploading the video directly on a video sharing site including good, high and highest.

Movavi Screen Capture Studio includes free video editing tools that you can use to annotate the video that you just recorded. You can use the scissor tool to trim and merge video clips and adjust the sound level in the video. You have complete control over the video that you are capturing online. You can choose to control the screen capture software with hotkeys or your mouse.Special effects can also be added to the entire screen capture.

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