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How to Use KeepVid Online Video Converter

How to Use KeepVid Online Video Converter

Videos are an essential medium of communication online today. Firstly, we have the technology and resources to support them compared to the initial days of the internet. Wi-Fi is available on almost every corner of the planet and networking data transfer speeds are off the charts. With all these resources at our disposal, it is only natural that you would want to download videos you find online. Software developers are aware of this reality and that’s why various online video converters are available. In this article, we are going to show how easy it is to grab videos with KeepVid Online Video Converter.

When it comes to converting videos online and downloading them to your computer or mobile device, KeepVid Online Video Converter is the best. You may have used other online video converters but none of them will give you the same experience like this one. It’s very easy to use, intuitive and allows you to download videos in any format you like. If you are watching an online video from a place like YouTube, that you’d like to watch offline and share with your family and friends, this software’s conversion feature will prove indispensable.

Using KeepVid Online Video Converter to Convert and Download Online Videos

Step 1: Copy

Locate the online video you want to convert and download. It could be on any site such as YouTube.

Once you’ve identified the video you want to download and convert, copy its URL or link address.


Step 2: Paste

Open another tab on your browser and go to to access the online video converter. From there, you can convert video files either from your computer or from online video galleries.


If you select the “Drag & drop or select files from computer” (1) option, a window will show up giving you the opportunity to select the video file from your computer.

For this example, we’ll be using the second option (2); pasting the link or URL of the video. The video will be from YouTube

Once you click that option, you’ll be redirected to the website’s online video converter where you can paste in the link to the video that needs conversion. Paste the link and click the green “Download” button.


Step 3: Convert and Download

A section will show up at the bottom of the page with the options for converting and downloading the video. You can download videos from as high as 1080pHD and as low as 144p. Furthermore, from that section, you can select the format you like.


Identify and click the “Download Now” button of the selection with your desired specifications. Your download manager will show up, allowing you to choose the destination of the converted video. Once you are done, the converted video will download in your device, ready for you to watch and share as you please.

Copy, paste, convert and download – how easy and convenient that is!

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