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How to start online business – Online business strategy

Entrance to the definition of strategy      

  In order to start any project it requires a feasibility study & good planning, organizing and coordinating events of that project in order to achieve the desired goal in a timely and high quality control. Then it came the stage of performance oversight from the beginning tell the end to make sure that everything is proceeding as previously planned, there are four factors must be considered when studying a project; planning, management, coordination and oversight.

  4DaHaB.CoM introduces for you Online Business Strategy which qualify you to work in the area of e-commerce of various kinds.

  This strategy includes the following:
   – Entrance to the definition of strategy.
   – Capital management.
   – Preserve the capital.
   – Tips and guidance.
   – Workshop and work tools.

  Now!! Dear visitor, you can find job opportunities on the Internet absolutely easil ! How so? Working with different companies and sites here in 4DaHaB.CoM or deployed on the Internet, anywhere & anytime, with no restriction on your business, work and profit.

  Types of activities you can practice across the Internet is endless, some of them:

1 – GPTR (Get Paid To Read Emails) sites, its directed for beginners.

2 – Investment companies of various kinds on the Internet, such as companies operating funds in the stock exchange (FOREX) with a high profit ratios (management systems to major corporations accounts).

3 – Currency trading via the Internet (FOREX), one of the fastest and easiest ways to gain quick, but not without their risk of loss as it is stock exchange and volatile market.

4 – Earn from your site system such as profit from Google Adsense by placing Google ads in your site (particularly for owners of sites), which offers a monthly income of at least $ 100 (this is fact & proven), and we recommend that you interest in this regard.

5 – You can build your own site to showcase your services or when you sell a particular product or even become Marketer of the products of the largest companies (agent), for example, you can become an agent of communications companies in the field of VOIP system communication via the Internet to any portable device in the world or telephone land at cheap prices & it is now one of the good job opportunities that  are guaranteed with income.

  Before deciding on action should be to have an account called an electronic currency, or e-mail account in the bank, they are modern ways to receive money from the Internet. Of course, my dear visitor, you can shift to the electronic currency exchange and to receive your hand. Electronic currency used in Internet money is real and not illusory and recognized in all countries of the world for example, alertpay, paypal, e-gold, MoneyBookers.

  Dear visitor to verify the profits of your business should first be available to you some of the specifications and skills necessary to become capable of working in the world of electronic commerce:

1 –  Good language proficiency of English by not less than 50% because most of the work will be with companies and websites in English.

2 –  We must know that you will not win between overnight, it will depend on your own effort done.

3 –  There is no specific time to work on the Internet you can work an hour or two or more according to your time, remember that initially will work effort, but with time you’ll find the effort has yielded abundant livelihood for you, especially if you have a website showing products and services is a machine that will reap the money you .

4 –  Patience and know that God will not let wages of the best work get lost, as we have said, the profit from the Internet requires patience and hard work, and if you are not serious, this is not your place dear visitor.

  E-commerce for the beginners      

  Dear Visitor, if you are a beginner, new in this world & want to make a profit in a short period of time, you can start in several ways, including:

  Working with free earning companies such as email companies profit PTR, in addition to other types of free earning sites that are innumerable, remember that the opportunities are many and various so you should start to test & choose the most appropriate for you.

  To design a site for you, there are many sites that offer the potential site design and hosting for free as an example “” is followed by the name of the company hosting your site, but if you want to have your own domain name you will be paid, but let’s begin with the first step, it is building your free site and start offering the services of the site, now Illiteracy is not knowing computers and the Internet, but it is who has no Web site!

  What are these companies and what kind of work with them  

  Ways and means to earn money from the Internet are various from clicking on ads for a profit to marketing of these sites and companies in return for a percentage of their profit , or sign up and enter your data to get paid from that system (get paid for sign up), or participate in the forums and get paid for replying to threads,  in addition to that you can become an agent of e-commerce firms such as communications companies VOIP, design and hosting sites companies, you can design your site and services presented by those companies with a profit commission rewarding when the customer accesses to it on your way and buys their product.

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