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How To Save Money On Moving Expenses

How To Save Money On Moving Expenses

Moving can be a costly endeavor. You’re already changing homes, which may require you to spend more on expenditures like your rent or mortgage. On top of all that, you’ll need to pay to move all of your stuff from your old home into the new one. This may not be that bad if you’re just moving down the street. However, if you own a lot of stuff, have a big family, and need to move more than just a few miles, it could be an expensive and time-consuming experience. So what can you do to reduce the costs of moving? Read on the find out!

Buy Moving Supplies In Bulk

If you need to buy moving supplies, it can be tempting to buy a small number of boxes, tape, and other supplies to get the job done. However, if you buy these items in small quantities, you’ll be paying a lot more for a lot less. Additionally, you may have to return to the store and spend even more if the supplies are not enough to move all of your stuff. So, try to buy all of your supplies in bulk. Even if you don’t end up using everything this time, you can keep the supplies in storage for the future.

Compare Moving Company Costs

Hiring a moving company can make moving way easier and way less stressful. However, it also requires some additional costs. You should never just pick the first company you find online, as you’ll probably end up paying way more out of pocket. Instead, shop around to find the best movers in your state or local community. If you’re currently in the market for an affordable, high-quality moving company, consider reaching out to the experts at Black Tie Moving for a quote.

Consolidate Your Packing In Advance

Many moving companies will charge you based on the number of rooms that need to be cleared out, as well as the number of large items that must be moved. Even if you don’t use a moving company, making more trips back and forth between your old home and new home will cost you a lot more time and gas. So, to save money, do everything you can to consolidate your packing. By packing efficiently, saving space, and reducing the number of trips required to get everything moved, you could potentially save hundreds of dollars on moving costs.

Have a Yard Sale Before Moving Day

Many people donate their unwanted items before a big move to make the process as simple as possible. However, if you want to earn back some of the funds you’re investing in the move, consider having a yard sale beforehand. Not only will this reduce the total number of items that you need to move (thereby reducing the total cost), but it will help you make a few bucks back on things that you may have either donated or thrown out anyway!

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