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How to Plan for A Unique Wedding Reception Without Breaking the Budget

Planning for a wedding reception is not easy especially when the budget is limited. There are just so many things to keep in mind. Apart from choosing the right menu, picking the right wedding reception flowers, and creating the perfect ambience, there are also several other important things to consider. To make the task more bearable, keep in mind that a little frugality when combined with a whole lot of creativity can go a long way.

In order to create the perfect ambiance, the first step in planning a wedding reception is to choose the location. The main goal is to look for something affordable. If you want to get rid of the cost altogether, your only option is to hold the wedding reception in your own backyard. If your yard is big enough to sit the number of guests you are planning to invite then go for it. This is a practical solution. Instead of paying rents for wedding reception halls or for expensive hotel function rooms, you only need to spend a few bucks to improvise your backyard.

Another good idea is to have a wedding insurance. It is true, this is something that you’ll have to think about prior to your wedding, but in my opinion it’s well worth it:

Once you’ve chosen the right location, the next step is to plan the menu. Food and drinks can take up a huge portion of your budget; and unlike the venue, it is not something that you can easily scrimp on. However, you can trim down the costs by coming up with a sensible menu. Instead of serving hot fancy meals, you can opt for a simple buffet.

You can gather some of your family members as well as your friends to help you cook the dishes yourselves. Apart from saving money, you can also use the time to bond with them and catch up. Also, you can schedule the reception during the time of the day when the people are less likely to be hungry.

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