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How to Make Your Employees Feel Safe While Presenting Ideas

How to Make Your Employees Feel Safe While Presenting Ideas

If you’ve been presenting ideas to many people for a long time, you feel confident doing it. Even if you don’t prepare, you know you can do a great job. You can’t say the same for your employees. Some of them are new to the business. They don’t feel confident in expressing themselves. They also worry that their ideas are incorrect, and colleagues will laugh. If it happens, it can be traumatizing. They might not want to present ever again. These tips will help make them feel safe and confident while speaking.

Remind everyone to be respectful 

You have to remind your employees, old or new, that the meeting area is a safe space. It’s a place where everyone feels confident to express thoughts. There are discussions and questions, but everything should happen respectfully. Inform your employees that everyone will get a chance to speak. Respect the person who talks at a given time and avoid interruptions.

Offer constructive criticism

When people start saying something terrible about the presentation, it can be discouraging. However, it doesn’t mean no one can express negative views. As long as they’re constructive, these sentiments are valid. Everyone should learn how to get their ideas and questions across without offending anyone.

Talk about the goals

Sometimes, it’s easy to get lost with the small details. Employees get too caught up with their emotions, and they keep hammering the presenter. While they might raise valid points, they also have to look at the bigger picture. The goal is to improve the business and achieve the goals. If the questions and comments don’t do anything to further these goals, there’s no point in saying them. It’s even worse if the goal is to humiliate the presenter and show that the other ideas are better.

Invest in the right equipment

Your effort to improve the meeting room is another way of showing you care. You make everyone feel that the meeting should be fruitful. If you can invest in a quality projector mount like the ones sold at, it helps improve the presentation. The presenter will also feel more confident to deliver the ideas. Ask your employees what else is necessary for the meeting room to make it more conducive for a productive conversation.

Always step in when things get heated

Your presence as a neutral presider helps a lot. You will facilitate the discussion. You don’t show bias in favour of one side. You might also have views, but you don’t let the other side feel bad or unheard. If the discussion becomes heated, you should step in and remind everyone to stay calm.

You need your employees to feel calm and relaxed while talking. You don’t want to create a discouraging environment. If you don’t like what’s happening during the meeting, you have to remind your employees. You might also enforce rule changes to guarantee a safe environment. Talk to presenters privately and ask them if the meeting space was safe and encouraging enough. Be open to changes if need be.

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