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How to Make Sure You Can Trust the Essay Service for International Students

How to Make Sure You Can Trust the Essay Service for International Students

Custom writing services are a big help for many international students whose native tongue is not English. Once in a while, everyone needs help with their writing assignments, but this costs money. Since money is involved, everyone wants to get their money’s worth once they pay to get the paper written. This means hiring the wrong website to handle this important task is not an option because that would result in international students losing money, something which most of them cannot afford because they don’t have too much money to pay to get the same essay written twice.

Luckily for many international students, some authentic online services tick all the right boxes and deliver a service that is worth their money and time.


No matter what website it is, as long as it provides a service to people, it should also provide testimonials to instill confidence in would-be customers. One sign of a shady website is that it lacks testimonials from customers, meaning there is no way to tell if they deliver as expected other than reading the wild claims made on its landing page. Some websites even go as far as posting fake testimonials to boost their credibility in the eyes of international students, only for these students to get disappointed after they have paid and received a low-quality paper.

But some companies have a dedicated testimonials page where they regularly post actual testimonials from real students that have gained from the professionalism offered there. Even though the names of the students are kept anonymous, this is not a trick or an excuse to post fake reviews, but an attempt to protect their identify – no one wants their school to find out they hired a custom writing service. When a website says it has a high customer satisfaction rate, their testimonials page is one of the proofs that the claims are true.

Money Back Guarantee

Nothing says an international student’s money is safe than a Money Back Guarantee. Writing services that don’t offer such guarantees leave students with no recourse to recover their money should something go wrong during the writing process. Once a student pays for the paper, they are forced to accept whatever paper and customer service they receive, even if it is terrible.

When it comes to authenticity a website must provide students with a Money Back Guarantee, ensuring they get a refund should they want it. If they find evidence of plagiarism or if the paper is subpar, they can request their money back and the writing service’s specialists will process it within 14-working days. As we mentioned earlier, international students don’t have a lot of funds to pay for the same paper twice, and it is good to know that their money is protected by an easy-to-understand and transparent Money Back Guarantee, which is available to read on the website.

Revision Policy

A revision policy a student’s best friend. No matter how good a writer is, they can’t always write exactly what the customer wants and may need to revise some content. For example, if the final essay is subpar or plagiarism has been detected, the student needs to have some way of getting that corrected. When a writing service doesn’t have any revision policy, it means the students are left hoping that the paper they get is what they are looking for. Some writing services might even ask them to pay for revision, even if the revision is small.

Revisions are free until the customer is happy with the final essay. The revision policy stems from the fact that they aim to provide high-quality at all times, something that international students are encouraged to take advantage of. Even after the essay has been approved by the student, they have a week to request any revisions should they be needed.

Affordable Prices

Pricing is important and is one of the main factors that determine which writing service students will pick to get their essay written. There are plenty of cheap custom writing services that claim to write high-quality essays at low prices. But once a student pays, they get a custom essay online that clearly shows it was not written by a native English speaker. On the other hand, websites with high prices might be too expensive for international students who are in need.

The prices on such websites strike a balance between high and low, making them very affordable considering the risk students take when they hire a cheap writing service. If anyone wants to know how much they will get charged, they can easily go on these websites and see how much it will cost. That way, they can calculate the total amount they need to pay for themselves. One thing to keep in mind is that the sooner students need the essay, the more it will cost – so it is advisable to place orders as far away from the deadline as possible to get a great deal.

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