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How To Check My Credit Score

If a person wants to know how to check my credit score could easily write to one of the major credit reporting agencies and get a free copy of their credit report. The reason a person should get their credit report first is to look it over for mistakes. If there are errors in the report it can bring down an individuals credit score and they would have to get it again.

Mistakes to Debt Defense do happen and if they are in the report it will bring down the score of the consumer greatly. The law on this matter clearly states that the credit reporting agency will need to correct these errors if they are valid but it is the responsibility of the consumer to write the credit reporting agencies informing them of the mistake.

After these mistakes have been addressed it might take a month or so before credit scores can be revised. This is why an individual must check their credit report long before they apply for any credit facilities. If a person wants their credit score to climb really high they need to ensure they make their payments on time and bring down their balances as quickly as possible. By having less debt a person will be considered more credit worthy.

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