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How Small Businesses Can Handle Large Influxes of Calls

After a particularly successful advertisement campaign, or during a very busy season of the year, a business might struggle to keep up with phone calls. This is especially true for business models that require heavy phone use such as: customer service, home service providers, or stores that take orders via phone.

Hiring a Phone Operator, Receptionist, or CSR

For the small business that has enough incoming phone calls to justify another part time, or even full time employee, it could be a great idea to hire one. For appointment based offices, a dedicated receptionist could handle all calls, scheduling, cancellations, and more. For the small business with individual employees who specialize in different departments or skills, a phone operator could be used to send calls to the proper department, while answering repetitive, easy questions themselves. Customer service representatives are perfect for handling customer complaints, faulty products or services, or compliments and questions.

Upgrading the Phone System within the Office & Business

If the current phone system is not handling the heavy caller traffic very well, it might be vital to both customers and company revenue to upgrade the calling system. Installing business phone systems Miami helps to handle the incredible volume of city residents who are calling with questions or requests for help. High volume phone systems can transfer calls between units, hold multiple calls, and they have many advanced features to keep the phone lines moving smoothly between employees.

Quick Reference Binders for Employees

For many businesses, a majority of calls will be questions that are very easy to answer. Customers commonly call to ask for business hours, available merchandise, location, services performed, and prices. Each employee who manages a phone line should have a reference binder or folder for these callers. These binders can list all previously asked questions by customers, with the appropriate answer. This keeps employees from having to spend several minutes finding answers or locating managers for the correct answer; and it keeps phone lines open and moving quickly.

A sudden increase in interested customers and patients is always a good thing for small businesses. However, some may never expect to receive a massive amount of attention in a short time span. When a business quickly evolves to meet customers’ needs and strives to improve its lines of communication, the business can keep growing while keeping customer satisfaction high.

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