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How Slots Will Change in 2020 

How Slots Will Change in 2020 

The casino industry has shown unbelievable growth over the past years, this trend is bound to gain even more momentum as the industry itself grows. The current statistics show that slot machines currently contribute an awe-inspiring percentage of revenue to casinos.

In their heyday, land based casinos attracted patrons in the magnitude of millions yearly; however, since the inception of online gaming these seem to be taking a hit. This is not all bad news for the brick-and-mortar establishments as most have dipped their toes into the world of online gaming.

Ever since the first online gaming casinos at opened their virtual doors to the public, they have increased their player number substantially and this trend is ever growing. Technological advancements in slot machines have attracted more and more players, this is due to many factors, with the most prominent being special features that have been added and are constantly being innovated upon.

With so many studios emerging into the market, it is certain that so will the amount of games made available to players. Currently, there are literally thousands of games and that number grows at what seems to be a daily rate. Players can find anything that tickles their fancy, from the classic slot themed games of yesteryear that sport the nostalgic icons such as the fruit symbols and bars, these machines even lack the special features the newer models sport in order to keep with the classics.

The Evolution of Slots

The games have come a long way since their inception in the late 18th century. The latest games provide players with unrivalled graphics that take the player on a journey never before experienced. The quality of the graphics is nearing real life authenticity and grasps the players’ attention like never before.

Gameplay has become incredibly immersive, serving to glue players to their seats. Initially games were had to conform to the 5 reels and limited payline structure, but as time has gone on, developers are constantly innovating their games in order to get a slight edge on the competition. This has given rise to numerous special features that have been put in place to distinguish themselves from the other games.

One of the greatest changes in the industry has been the inclusion of mobile friendly games, enabling players to play their favourite games from just about anywhere in the world. This one evolution has seen the online casino industry start to dwarf their land based counterparts.

The next step forward in innovation seems to be the advent of wearable technology. With the world moving closer to a completely digitized age, this seems inevitable. Augmented reality has seen mind-blowing growth and you can be sure the casino industry will not let this go unnoticed.


The last step in the evolution of gaming has been the introduction of cryptocurrencies. The reason for these becoming so popular with gamblers is simply due to the fact that it provides unrivalled safety and security for users. More and more casinos now accept the fiat digital currency and using them provides many perks.

One thing is for sure, we cannot predict where the future of online gaming will take us, what we can tell you is this, as technology evolves so will the games. It would not be surprising if players could enter casinos from the comfort of their own homes with wearable technology. The future looks bright and everyone can participate.

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