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How Safe is to fly in Russia – Air Crashes in Russia

How Safe is to fly in Russia – Air Crashes in Russia

In recent news, Russia was declared as the most risky place to fly by the Aviation Safety Network with the second most number of plane crashes. In 2013 alone, over 100 people have been killed in a total of eight fatal incidents all involving Russian aircrafts.

From 1945, there have been over 300 reported incidents of air crashes in Russia, second only to USA. The latest crash happened in December 2013 when a cargo plane crashed in Siberia and killed nine people. Before that, fifty people died in a Boeing 737 crash when it was trying to land at the Kazan International Airport. Poor crew training, bad airport service, neglect by the government and crumbling airports has been blamed upon for these crashes.

Several crashes have been blamed upon pilot, counterfeiting and engineering errors as well since most of the planes in these aircrafts are Russian built. The country has the proper know-how in aviation since the Russians have always been a leader when it came to aerospace domination. One of the worst airline crashes in Russia took place in 1983 when a Korean plane to Seoul was mistakenly diverted towards Russia who thought it was a spying plane and attacked it killing 269 passengers.

Aeroflot, the country’s flag carrier is the oldest and the largest airline of Russia. They also have the history of having the most number of plane crashes in Russia, the latest being the 2008 crash in the Bolshoye Savino Airport involving a Aeroflot  Nord airline which killed all the 88 people who were on board. Over the last decade, the following are the worst crashes in Russian aviation history.

  • In 2004, the Domodedovo Airport was breached by two female Chechen suicide bombers who destroyed two planes, a Volga-Avia Express Flight and a Siberia Airlines Flight which killed 90 passengers. This led to the country spending $20 million on security equipment including full body scanners, making this airport one of the most advanced airports in that time. More information about Domodedovo airport you can read on the Russianblogger.me website.
  • Yet again, in 2011, Domodedovo Airport was breached by another suicide bomber who caused an explosion which killed 37 people and injured another 173.
  • In 2006, a passenger flight of Tupolev Tu-154 belonging to Pulkovo Aviation flying from Anapa crashed in Ukraine killing all the 160 passengers and 10 crew members aboard.
  • On 9th July 2006 witnessed another horrifying plane crash, this time in Irkutsk when Flight 778 of S7 Airlines en route from Moscow crashed at the Irkutsk International Airport killing 124 of the 203 people aboard due to bad weather conditions. The plane slid over hundreds of meters of wet runway and crashed through a barricade made of concrete proceeding to hit a group of garages and then burst into flames. It is the third highest death toll in an aviation accident involving an airbus A310 in the world.
  • The Sochi International Airport witnessed an airplane crash in May 2006 when an Armavia plane crashed into the Black Sea en route from Yerevan resulting in the death of all the 113 passengers aboard. This was the first major accident in commercial airlines during that year.
  • In 2008, Aeroflot Flight 821 crashed because of the turbulent weather and resulted in the death of 88 people.

Apart from these, the country has witnessed many more plane crashes which had lesser or no causalities. Russia is preceded only by U.S.A. when it comes to plane crashes and that too by over 900 crashes. Factors from neglect to sheer carelessness, to counterfeit parts have been held accountable for these crashes.

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