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How Much Should You Be Paying For Web Design?

How Much Should You Be Paying For Web Design?

Are you busy with a new web design project? Well, then you are probably wondering how much you should budget for a new website. Unfortunately, there is not a straightforward answer as you need to be more specific about your requirements.

For starters, the cost of web design is influenced by the features that your website should boast, According to a leading Cleveland web design company. Some companies only need a good idea, right domain name, appropriate web hosting package or WordPress theme to get going. They might not even require a designer whatsoever!

Though, as your business grows, you might find that the theme that you had picked is not doing enough or you now need your web design to do more. That is why it is always wiser to work with a team of experts from day one that knows about all the essentials of good web design for successful websites.

The following are some of the factors that will influence the final price:

A New Website Versus A Redesign

When you require a new website, the web designer does not have anything to work with or have prior references to look at to understand better what it is that you will need. Therefore, if you need a brand new website, you can expect to pay more than a $1000.


It can be hard to create graphics and if you have to buy stock images, it can cost anything from $1 to $100 per photo. Look online for royalty free image websites. And ensure you obey copyright of photographers. Though, if you have a template, do not get too excited as you might have to get some of the images replaced.


Thanks to platforms like YouTube and Vimeo, it is not difficult to integrate a video into your web design. You can embed a video on your website by uploading your video to these platforms. Though, you will have to spend money to create the video that you would like to upload. Depending on the team and how professional your video needs to be, you can either pay a few hundred dollars or a few thousand dollars.

Content Creation

If you have a tight budget, the most affordable solution is to create the content for your website yourself and add it on your own too. The majority of website designers do not mind sharing with you a design template and then you can just add the information. If you require the agency to add the content that you have created into the site, you can expect to pay more than a hundred dollars per page and about double that if they need to the create the content for you.


The majority of businesses forget to include maintenance in their budgets. Some think that they will do it, until they make too many mistakes. Ultimately what you will have to pay every month for an agency to maintain your website depends on if you simply need someone to help you if you get stuck or if you require more extra work like adding new content.

Though, it can be difficult to find a web design agency that is willing to help you with maintenance as countless designers hate this responsibility. That the reason why you should be careful while choosing the right web design company for your business.

At the end of the day, you can expect to pay just over a thousand dollars for a straightforward website. However, if you require web design that has a lot of features, it can cost you more than twenty times the price! Ultimately you should look at what your business requires and then you can start budgeting.

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