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What “networking” option is LEAST like throwing darts in the dark?

What “networking” option is LEAST like throwing darts in the dark?

When you send a referral to a friend or business – do you secretly hope they will return the favor and think about you, or send a referral your way? Of course you do. And why WOULDN’T you? It seems only fair right? And you’re not alone.. The good news is, there is a company called LEADCLIQ who’s taking the guessing game out of networking. Let’s take a look –

Most business professionals are part of an affiliation, group, chamber, or “networking” group. The goal of a networking group is to expand our network to get in front of customers through “word of mouth” exchange. Get people to know your business, and what you do?

Take for example real-estate, the automobile industry, and technology sales professionals-especially Telecommunication Sales professionals who rely on referrals or vendors to gain access to more customers.  It’s just part of their business, to not just get in front of customers, but also continue their relationship webbing with “vendors” or “service” provider to hopefully achieve a multiplier of a customer base.

Isn’t the thought…well, if XYZ Corporation is in front of the same CUSTOMER MARKET BASE, but offer different services… we could help each other out by complimenting both of our services. While this is true, the effort to maintain these relationships has proven to be A LOT more than what we all anticipate, and at the end, it could be with “mixed results”.  Even your best partner/vendor has their slow periods as well. Let’s face it, some of us are also not that great in asking for referrals or mixing in with other professionals for the sake of having a business exchange. We’d rather be in front of our computers, or we want this assurance that our efforts and our activity is reciprocated in a return.

LeadCliq, a company based in Rocklin, CA has tackled this need. They’ve created a referral generation marketplace where members share relevant leads in real time with other members. The members in LeadCliq are grouped by market or interest, so the lead sharing of groups is very targeted and relevant.  So, Jennifer from Hi-Tech, may not be in the same group as Sally who sells cosmetic products to ensure members have the highest probability to have activity that matters to them.


Most groups also have a Community Manager, which is a physical person monitoring the group’s activities and needs. Not only do they provide a technology platform to support you in growing your business, but there seems to be a significant investment to take care of their members with old fashioned customer service. And they have a phone # too! Not just a CONTACT US FOR SUPPORT button. Their customer service is aimed to be delivering excellent support.

In LeadCliq, members receive a lead for each lead they submit, so everyone always get back as much as they put in. Those who generate more leads, can get more leads. Leads can also be customized to specific regions or areas, based on the needs of the person submitting or getting the lead. Best of all, you also don’t have to wait for the next meeting to give or receive a lead. Referrals can be submitted online to the group instantly and accessed from the comfort of your home. Their marketplace seems to provide: contacts, appointments, and hot opportunities

Networking with vendors and suppliers in similar markets is a viable activity that proves great return when done right. Ultimately, finding the right mixers and niche groups are the answers. The other option is reviewing a Lead and Opportunity Marketplace like LEADCLIQ that align you to powerful networking optimization to increase your network base, and ultimately grow your business. If you are interested in learning more about LeadCliq, go to to check them out. They are still growing in various market spaces, so you’ll have to inquire if there’s a Community that matches your business. Much better than throwing darts in the dark…

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