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How Chiropractors and Medical Doctors Differ

Auto accidents are commonly known to be causes of whiplash injuries and damage to the neck and back muscles, spine and nerves. Most people go to see the medical doctor after they suffer from an automobile accident. I have always felt that chiropractors get the job done best.
Although both the traditional physician and a Chicago chiropractor start with a good medical history before proceeding, the treatment plans differ greatly. Whereas a medical doctor might recommend medications like muscle relaxers and pain killers, a chiropractor often starts with modalities like heat packs, ultrasound and massage to relax the muscles. It’s the hands-on benefit that gets the results. Taking medication for the symptoms of an accident only serves to supress the symptoms. Chiropractic care gets to the root cause of the pain and, as importantly, helps to prevent the problem from causing major impact in the future.
Another of the major advantages of having Dr. Halliday care for you after an auto injury is that he knows some injuries may not show up right away. There are too many stories of people who settled on an insurance claim long before they should have just because they felt fine at the time. To their dismay, after a while, symptoms began to emerge and it was too late to get compensation. There is always pressure from insurance companies to settle your claim. At The Chicago Body Works, you will receive good advice on the best way to proceed with your claim. If you are looking for a good chiropractor in Chicago, visit Dr. Chris Halliday at The Chicago Body Works: A Chiropractic and Massage Spa. You will find a welcoming atmosphere and friendly staff to meet your needs. And I can attest to his ability to identify what’s wrong with you, and to get you well as quickly as possible.

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