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How Business Can Use Instagram for Branding

How Business Can Use Instagram for Branding

In its beginnings, Instagram was simply a social network, with an application for smartphones, which allowed you to capture and share important moments of your life in a simple and visual way.

However, some of those moments needed more than just a static image. With the incorporation of the video, the potential of this social network has grown exponentially in a short period of time.

The biggest advantage of this social network is that in less than 1 minute you can capture a photo with your mobile, add an attractive filter, and share on the social network. In addition, users can click Like or comment on other users’ photos, and also follow others.

In this article, we will detail 6 tips for branding on Instagram, creating visually appealing stories, promoting your brand, and generating engagement with your fans and followers through the videos:

# 1 Video Tutorials

Sometimes, a simple “How to…” video can answer your customers’ questions quickly and efficiently. You can make a list of the most frequently asked questions and answer them by publishing video tutorials.

For example, show how easy it is to configure or install your product. You can teach the installation step by step with one or several videos, and add descriptions to give your readers additional useful information about your product.

Answering your clients’ questions with a short video tutorial is a great way to add value to your community.

# 2 Create a Portfolio of Your Work

If a picture of your work is worth a thousand words, how much is a video worth? You can’t imagine what can be communicated with just 15 seconds of video on Instagram! One of the ways to be able to visually demonstrate your experience with clients is by creating a work portfolio.

But what is a work portfolio? It is about capturing and making a collection of the best works, exposing in a visual and more attractive way work experience and manual and intellectual skills. In the case of companies, the portfolio is very useful when trying to find new customers.

The uses of the portfolio are unlimited and it is an excellent tactic to highlight the strengths of each company or professional.

# 3 Highlight Special Offers and Events

You should get the most out of those 15 seconds by adding a personal message to the images of your product in the Description field, in order to emphasize and reinforce what you want to convey.

You can also add a hashtag for conversion tracking or expand its reach. To create a contest on this social network we advise you to clearly define the mechanics of the contest, establish a duration, and select a gift that is related to your brand.

When you publish a video, you can select your favorite scene from what you have recorded and set it as the cover image, so that your videos are visually appealing even when they are not playing.

# 4 Invite your Fans and Followers

Invite your fans and followers to post videos on Instagram with a hashtag created by you, to participate in a contest or promotion of your event.

The objective of these actions is to be able to turn the user into the protagonist of the moments so that they feel they are part of them.

Do you already know if your potential customers are on Instagram? If so, this social network will be a great way to interact with them creating a fun and entertaining environment. If you want to make your posts even more appealing, you can increase the number of views of your posts on IG and purchase them from Buzzvoice for example.

# 5 “Humanize” your brand

We often hear or read about how brands “need to be human.” Social networks have been responsible for creating the need for companies to be transparent and more open with their customers.

The humanization of your brand through videos helps you build customer loyalty, differentiate your company from your competitors, segment the target audience, and define brand values.

# 6 Increase participation on Facebook

Instagram allows the possibility to synchronize your profile with that of other social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare or Pinterest; therefore, it allows you to reach a greater volume of visitor traffic.

Videos and photos positively help participation (comments, likes, and shares) on Facebook. With the integration of your Instagram posts on your Facebook page, you can boost the interaction of your community on Facebook.


Although the new video feature on Instagram was launched recently, we must admit that this social network has enormous potential for online marketing.

Instagram already has more than 400 million active users, therefore, this new tool offers numerous possibilities for marketing.

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