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Homosexuality in America (2011)

To understand homosexuality in America you need to understand its history. As humans we have never been known to curtail our sexual desires and pleasures. In short the history of homosexuality in the USA is brief. In Europe in the 1860’s and 70’s administrators observed how certain people were choosing lifestyles around sexual pleasure over that of family and strict reproduction, this led to those engaging in these pleasures to become the target of intervention.

Shortly there after groups were formed which gathered in unity to prevent criminalization of their activities. Later the Nazis destroyed all history of these movements and sent homosexuals to concentration camps.

In the US gay people generally resided in coastal cities, such as New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles. As people migrated from farms to cities they found themselves in jobs, spending prolonged periods of time working with the same sex. Those with homosexual desires found one another and in doing so also sought the freedom to express themselves.

In the US army homosexuality was banned, homosexuals were dishonorably discharged, men and woman with homosexual tendencies were dumped in ports, at times hundreds per day found themselves left in San Francisco after World War 2.

Homosexuals in America have been persecuted and discriminated against throughout history. They have been the victims of violence and police brutality. They have suffered condemnation by the mainstream religious organizations. They also faced discrimination in employment and in society.

Based on this the gay rights movement was born to fight for civil rights, they faced many uphill challenges on their historical path for equality. Today in America there is certainly more tolerance than there was thirty years ago and as time passes more and more people are considering homosexuality in America as an acceptable choice of lifestyle.

Demographics that host these attitudes tend to lean more towards the college educated with a bias on liberal and ideological orientation. On the other hand those less educated, with no college degrees, conservative ideologues, tend to this day to be less tolerant.

Homosexuality in America is certainly evolving and dramatic changes have occurred in shorter periods of time in the last fifty years. Many feel it is only a matter of time before gay marriage will be legalized.

So… you understand that gay people need out support?

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