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Here’s How to Make Your Own E-Juice at Home

Here’s How to Make Your Own E-Juice at Home

Want to learn how to be an e-juice wizard? Get your vaping potions in order and mix your own at home with this guide.

One of the best things about vaping, rather than smoking cigarettes, is the freedom that comes with e-juice.

Do you have a bit of a sweet tooth? There’s plenty of fruity flavors for you to enjoy. Or do you crave a hint of tobacco flavor? E-juice providers have got you covered.

But you can get even more personalized when it comes to your e-juice choices. Making it at home yourself means you can get exactly the e-juice you want, every time.

Plus, you can save a ton of cash by making e-juice yourself rather than shelling out in the vape shop.

The Base Ingredients

You need to know the basic ingredients of e-juice so you know what you’re going to be working with.

E-juice contains propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. These two ingredients are usually mixed at a 50/50 ratio, but e-juice makers can play around with the amounts to change the concentrations.

For example, a mix with a higher level of vegetable glycerin provides a less harsh, less intense throat hit.

Propylene glycol is a chemical that is used in a number of different commercial products, which has led to some big misconceptions about its safety. In fact, propylene glycol is approved as safe for consumption by the FDA and is non-toxic.

Vegetable glycerin is a thick, colourless and odorless liquid made from plant oils. It is widely used in e-juice among many other products.

Both propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin can be easily purchased online or in a vape shop. Check out this website for where you can find vape and e-juice equipment near you.

Adding Nicotine

Once you’ve got your base liquid, you need to add nicotine. This is what gives you that hit. Or, you can skip the nicotine entirely if you just enjoy vaping for the flavor.

You need to be careful when determining the amount of nicotine to add to your e-juice. Nicotine, when it is undiluted, is incredibly poisonous and potentially lethal.

You must store it in a safe place, away from children and pets. Be careful and wear protective equipment when you handle it, because even skin contact can be dangerous. In addition to gloves and an apron, wear goggles; nicotine in the eyes can blind you.

Generally, nicotine concentrations are at 12mg to 18mg, and you should never go above 36mg. Talk to a vape shop professional for help on calculating how much nicotine to add to your homemade e-juice.

Creating Your Flavor

This is where you can really experiment and customize. Once you have mixed your base liquids and nicotine, it’s time to start building your perfect flavor combinations.

You can buy tons of different e-juice flavorings online. Use an eyedropper to add flavor to your mixture.

Experiment with the flavor levels, starting small and adding more and more until you reach the flavor level that you like. You can even try mixing different flavorings to get the taste exactly right.


Making your own e-juice is a great way to get the exact vaping experience that you want. You can control everything from the hit, the intensity, to the flavor.

As long as you take some basic safety precautions, especially when handling nicotine, you can build the best-personalized vape; you’ll never want to go back to store-bought.

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