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Here’s a Helpful Guide on How to Sell a Wrecked Car

Here’s a Helpful Guide on How to Sell a Wrecked Car

Do you have a broken or wrecked vehicle that is simply just taking up space in your driveway? Obviously, you want to get rid of it, but how to do that? A lot of people would just opt to abandon their vehicle because this will help them in saving a lot of hassle, but why do that when you can actually get some cash out of it? Yes, there is a possibility for you to make some money off your broken and damaged vehicle. There are a variety of ways this can be done and you can explore all the options available at your disposal before making a decision. Follow the steps outlined below and you will know what to do:

Do a damage assessment

First things first, you need to find out exactly what your car is worth before you come up with an estimate of the money you can make on your car and starting the process of selling it. You can call a mechanic and get the car inspected. He will be able to give you a comprehensive report on the different major systems and parts inside the car as well as an overall assessment of the vehicle. Getting the parts inspected is a good idea because this can aid you in marketing your car later on.

Get your car repaired

If you are not interested in selling your car as scrap, you can invest some money in it and get it repaired. Only get those repairs done that can bring your vehicle back in running condition and can be sold to a buyer. You can only make an individual sale when the car is drive-able and functional. It is up to you to decide if it is worth your time and money to get the repairs done. You can get advice from several mechanics before doing so. Also, if you get it repaired and sell the car, always tell the potential buyer about its previous status as a defunct vehicle.

Sell it to a salvage lot

The easiest route you can take when you have a wrecked or broken car is to sell it to a salvage lot. These are basically car lots that house vehicles for sale that were deemed irreparable by their previous owners. Salvage lots can use these cars for spare parts or even as scrap metal, if they want. It is best for you to find a salvage lot that can drive to your location to take the vehicle as you don’t want to pay towing charges. Alternatively, you can sell a wrecked car with Sell The Car.

Sell individual parts of your car

If most of the parts and systems in your vehicle are in good condition, you can consider selling them off individually rather than handing off your car to a salvage lot. This can help you in getting a much better price as a whole than what you would get if you sold it to them. Sometimes, even these salvage yards may buy separately or you can sell them to individuals as well.

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