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Go Beyond Dating: Casanova Seduction Tips for You in Getting Girls

Go Beyond Dating: Casanova Seduction Tips for You in Getting Girls

No matter how many speeddating you’ve already had, things are bound to progress sooner or later. How would a guy know, then, if a woman is ready to take dating to the next level? Her agreeing to have a look at your apartment, or her inviting you in for a nightcap are definitely the signs to watch out for. She wouldn’t be asking you or agreeing if she’s not ready to be intimate – so that’s the number one dating pointer that you should keep in mind.

So you definitely have your work cut out for you if you want to learn how to get girls by having that deeper connection with her. Naturally, this pertains to your having sex – so now’s as good a time as any to brush up on your seduction skills. If she agrees to go to your place for a nightcap or she invites you in for a cup of coffee, that’s a sure sign that she’s ready for something more than dating.

It all starts when she enters your home. A woman’s first instinct is to check out your home door. If she seems happy with the way that your apartment or bachelor’s pad looks, then she will scope out the sofa and sit there. This is your cue to start with the seduction. You can probably ask her to put on some music or choose it yourself. Make sure that the lights are not too bright so that she will not feel self-conscious. Also, no matter how big an LCD or plasma TV you may have, don’t turn it on because it will kill the mood.

The next step that you need to take is use your seduction skills ala-Casanova. Although she might look casual once you keep the touches flowing, that’s already a great way for you to get her engine revved up. Learn about which touches women consider innocent, and which ones are sexual. The ultimate way to learn speeddating is to go beyond the dating stage is to make your hands linger at the small of her back, her arms, her neck, behind her ears or her shoulders.

If she is not thwarting your physical advances, make her feel even more relaxed by offering a neck rub, or a hand massage. If you’re good with your hands, you can probably even make her moan in delight once you give her a foot rub – which is a great way to have at least one of her clothing items off.

Of course, your goal here is to go beyond dating and establish that physical connection between you two. But what are the cautions that you need to take when this happens? Remember that there are some women who seem perfectly normal while you’re still dating, but can be possessive or demanding of your time and attentions once you already had sex. The more times that you become intimate with her, the more she’ll expect from you.

So what are you supposed to do if you’re not ready for a commitment yet? The first time that you sleep together, use your Casanova instincts and offer to take her home. If you’re in her place, tell her that you need to go back because of a meeting that you have early in the morning. But do not leave immediately after, which might make her feel like you’re only after the sex. After a half hour or so of cuddling, you can offer to take her home or take your leave before it gets too late for you to go home which might require you to stay the night.

However, if you really like her, you can take the leap and go beyond dating. Use your Casanova skills to make her feel extra special. Make her breakfast, wash her back when you two hit the showers together, or offer to drive her to work. At the end of the day, going beyond dating is something that you will have full control over so that you can be adept on how to get girls. If you’re not ready to make that commitment yet, protect yourself by making sure that she gave you 100% consent on your sexual encounter, otherwise you might be asking for trouble.

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