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Fuel’d – an online magazine exclusively dedicated to men

Fuel’d is an online magazine exclusively dedicated to men. It talks about our problems, it entertains us and it gives us a lot of great advice. In this magazine, you’ll learn everything from how to bring home a new dog, what gifts to give your wife, how to make a great BBQ and lots of other tips and tricks for around your home – including how to get rid of cables in your home!

As for the website itself – it delivers its message in a professional manner. The design may be a little minimalist, but that’s only because your attention shouldn’t be diverted from the important information you’ll get from reading the articles.

The articles are all well-written, full of interesting facts and tips for men. The presentation of the article is flawless, allowing people to skip through text towards the parts which interests them most. But it wouldn’t be advised, as the entire body of text from the article delivers everything it needs to – facts, comprehensive information, tips, tricks and fun facts. Each article has a number of tags which represent it, along with a short bio of the author.


You can also get in touch with the authors through e-mail, Google+ and their personal websites. Users can interact with each other using the comment section. You’ll need a valid e-mail and a name in order to be able to comment. Adding a website will take other users to said link, allowing you to promote your own platform by getting involved through commenting on this wonderful website.

The website also offers a connection to popular social platforms, like Facebook, Twitter and Google+. A fan page is available on Facebook as well, where users will be constantly informed of new articles published and constant updates posted by the creators of Fuel’d. Aside from this, there’s a rating system which can promote a certain post on StumbleUpon and on Reddit. Users which like the pages can rate them accordingly using a very well implemented widget on the left side.

All in all, this website offers what it promises to deliver flawlessly. The presentation is great, the interface is very intuitive and the search option allows users to get to their favorite content fast and without any problems. A great resource for men looking to get some help for their day-to-day tasks and thoughts – so be sure to recommend and visit this website to be entertained and find interesting facts and info on a wide array of subjects.

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