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Free Fun And Educational Websites For Children

Free Fun And Educational Websites For Children

Kids are using the Internet at a very early age these days. You can probably remember when kids weren’t even allowed to go online without a parent nearby. Of course, there is nothing wrong with going online at an early age, but with all the malware, filth, and dangers on the Internet, this can be alarming to for some parents. You always have the option to set up filters and parental guides, but what sites can your child visit that is fun, entertaining, and education? Below, you will learn about some of the most entertaining and educational websites that your kids can take advantage of.

Learning And Having Fun With PBS Kids

PBS has been around for a long time and many of their shows are still widely used throughout school system today to teach kids valuable educational lessons. However, over the years PBS has developed their own fun and creative website that is completely devoted to entertaining and educating children.

There are a wide variety of activities that kids can partake in like sorting, counting, watching videos, and even signing along to extremely popular kids songs like twinkle twinkle little star.

Sesame Street

Just about every child and parent on the earth has heard about or watched Sesame Street at least one time or another. If your children are a fan of the show they are going to fall in love with the website. Not only can children watch tons of clips from previous shows, but also they can learn letters, play sounds, rhyme, and so much more. The Wheels on The Bus is commonly sung on Sesame Street, so your child will be able to get in on the action and sing along.

National Geographic Kids

National Geographic is another big name that doesn’t need an introduction. While the adult National Geographic can sometimes get a little violent and sexual the kid’s version are completely watered down. On this web site children can partake in a wide variety of activities like watching animal cameras, share and view nature photos, learn about other countries, and much more. Along with this, there is even a little kid sections that are tailored made for the youngest kids in the household.

How Stuff Works

If you haven’t noticed kids tend to ask a lot of questions. If you kids are one of those kids that want to know everything including why the kids it blue, or why clouds are shaped the way that they are, your child will love how stuff works. On this website kid will find tons of different articles with detailed diagrams and descriptions that will break down why things are they way they are. These articles cover culture, automobiles, science, money, entertainment, technology, and much more. There are also quizzes, and videos that will test what your child has learned.

Nick Jr.

Nickelodeon Junior is another widely known kid’s friendly organization that have been entertaining and educating children for years. If you can endure all the ads, your kids will find tons of different games and activities that allow them to play dress up, learn new music, put together puzzles, and learn about shape and number recognition. Kids can even find printable items that turn into amazingly fun activities.

Benefits of watching educational shows

Studies have shown that children tend to learn faster when they watch a TV show about a subject that they are interested in. By watching shows, kids can explore places and things that they can’t see in the real world. This way, they learn more about the surroundings, gaining a greater appreciation of our world.

The fact is that TV shows can inspire kids to try new activities and engage into learning games while playing. Moreover, when they favourite characters participate in a particular activity, children are additionally motivated to try it.

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Another great way to motivate your kids to learn is by challenging them to read a book, on which their favourite movie is based on. Discuss the differences between the book and the movie with your child. Discussions are of great importance as they develop analytical & problem-solving skills.

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