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10 Calorie-Cutting Food Swaps For Weight Loss After Pregnancy

10 Calorie-Cutting Food Swaps For Weight Loss After Pregnancy

Fit mommies need to confront food choices multiple times a day. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner, you must pay careful attention to what you choose for every meal. Naturally, this means your weight loss after pregnancy quest must begin at the supermarket. Carefully inspecting each and every one of the items you hand-pick must seem like a very boring thing to do – and you are right!

For this exact reason, we decided to help out and lend you a hand in finding an easy way to lose baby weight, without spending hours at the supermarket. Here are our top 10 calorie-cutting food swaps for weight loss after pregnancy.

1. Get slim with protein for breakfast:

Instead of gulping down two beef sausage patties along with your egg – sunny side up, why not have two slimmer slices of Canadian bacon?

Here’s why: The former choice has about 300 calories, while the latter only 90. It doesn’t take a math genius to figure out which one is better suited for losing post baby weight!

2. Did anyone mention tacos?

Yes, we did! After all, they make for a very delicious meal! Still, if your goal is losing weight after pregnancy, you might want to swap them for some made with corn tortillas instead of flour – huge calorie difference!

Here’s why: Flour tortillas have about 300 calories while corn tortillas have only 100. This means there’s a 200 calorie difference!

3. Noodles!

Everybody loves noodles, and so do fit mommies. However, when you can swap these babes for a veggie version of them, which is also packed with extra nutrients, then ditching the regular version is a must. Consider using a spiralizer to make zucchini noodles or buying spaghetti squash.

Here’s why: One serving of egg and flour noodles consists about 250 calories, while one serving of spaghetti squash only 42. Talk about a delicious and easy way to lose baby weight!

4. Goodbye bagel! Hello muffin!

Bagels are delicious, especially when you are on the run. However, bagels are highly processed. White flour, gluten and so on, will not help you get rid of your extra baby weight.

So why not ditch the classic bagel and eat an English muffin? While they both have a lot of calories, if you need a quick bite on the run, the latter is a far better choice if you’re planning on starting a weight loss after pregnancy diet.

Here’s why: A medium-sized bagel has 300 calories, while a whole-wheat English muffin only 150. Besides, since the muffin is made of unprocessed flour, your blood sugar levels won’t spike!

5. Weight loss after pregnancy and mid-day snacking? Sure!

Sometimes, dinner can feel very far away, so when hunger strikes between meals, what should you nibble on? Well, most new moms choose the classic combo of cheese and crackers. Unfortunately, that is an uninspired choice. Instead, have some salsa and tortilla chips!

Here’s why: Losing post baby weight works far better with tortilla chips and salsa because this combo only has 180 calories. Crackers and cheese sums up about 400. Ouch!

6. Fries and mayo, please! Hold the mayo!

Mayonnaise is delicious, there is no denying it. Still, losing weight after pregnancy doesn’t go well with this delicious white sauce. Instead, you should replace it with mustard. Whether you spread it on your sandwich or in your Caesar salad, it doesn’t matter. But you should hold the mayo!

Here’s why: One tablespoon on mayonnaise sports about 200 calories, while one tablespoon of mustard only 30 calories! It’s an insane difference, right?

7. Movie time: Potato or corn?

We all love a good crunch while watching the big screen, though, when you’re trying to become a fit mommy, it’s important to know which one to choose, so as not to sabotage your slimming-down plans. Weight loss after pregnancy can be hard enough as it is! So, instead of potato chips, try some air-popped popcorn!

Here’s why: Potato chips can be savage in calories count. One ounce has 200 calories, whereas one cup of popcorn only 30 calories. The difference is absolutely huge.

8. Fruit or juice?

We’ve all read about the benefits of drinking fruit juice, but when it comes to losing that after pregnancy weight in a timely fashion, eating the fruit instead of drinking its juice will fare way better! That’s because we’re talking about less sugar, more fiber and more nutrients.

Here’s why: Take grape juice for example! It comes with sugar, and that means 250 calories per glass. A cup of fresh grapes on the other hand only means 104 calories. You do the math!

9. Between two nuts…

When you’re obsessing about losing post baby weight, you can start weighing every food choice. So what happens when you can’t decide between granola and almonds? They’re both healthy, they’re both delicious, but which one has fewer calories? Why, almonds, of course!

Here’s why: one serving of granola has about 300 calories; one serving of almonds has about 170.

10. Chocolate, of course!

No list would ever be complete without chocolate – or its substitute, in this case! We know how important chocolate is in the life of every woman, so knowing what to choose between ice cream and pudding is crucial!

Here are the numbers: A cup of chocolate ice cream will consist of roughly 300 calories, while a cup of chocolate flavored pudding will sport only 110. Sure, ice cream is more delicious, but it’s not nearly as beneficial as the pudding.

All things considered, being a fit mommy is not an easy thing to do. There are numerous tasks and choices we have to make throughout the day – every day. However, if healthy weight loss after pregnancy is your goal, then making all those choices will be well worth it! Just take a look in the mirror every 7 days.

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