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Based on the number of accessories that were released, both by HTC and third party manufacturers, it is clear that the Evo has been a success.

Features and Accessories for the HTC Evo

Based on the number of accessories that were released, both by HTC and third party manufacturers, it is clear that the Evo has been a success.

A common term for the Smart phones being produced by manufacturer HTC is “Superphone”. This is due in many respects to the fact that this company had the foresight to link up with T-Mobile and Google to offer the very first Android style phone in 2008. HTC has been doing a great job in keeping up with increasing technology, and as users have demanded more and more from their phones, HTC was able to deliver with innovative style, as well as great hardware and software. With all the smart phones that are available, sometimes it’s just hard to pick one model.

These phones are now thought of as multi-media devices rather than phones in many instances, allowing users to stay in touch with everybody in their lives. With high definition video, browsing capability, camcorders, pictures taking, email and live streaming apps, there is nothing left unturned by HTC in its quest to keep users in touch and aware of what’s new.

Accessories are plentiful, and users should take advantage of them in order to keep their investment looking new. These include such things as batteries, headsets, holsters, Bluetooth headsets, and cables. With all this support available, it makes great sense for any consumer to take advantage of these offerings. A holster is becoming more popular as it will keep the unit within easy reach at all times in order to answer all crucial calls that come through. Holsters were originally made designed for easy access to your device, but with recent models, protection has also become a priority. Although choosing a holster may look like it’s easy, it is not, there are many things that come into play, for example style, design, and material.

Holsters are made to accomodate the users lifestyle. Some even come with special attachments such as a magnetic closing belt clip to more easily attach it to an article of clothing. There are designs for fishermen, fashion plates, and even some retro units embossed with Polka dots. A great deal of them also come with an attached screen guard that will also provide a barrier to scratches and other harmful effect caused by the rubbing of the display on foreign objects. Consumers can choose from pink, purple, yellow, blue and green as just some of the choices that are available, with more being offered all of the time. It looks like manufacturers have started listening to the public and started designing many different styles.

There are great deals more accessories, and these include such things as a spring top belt clip that is specially designed to go with some of the holsters being offered. There are numerous types of other accessories, like skins, cases, headsets and desktop cradles. Accessories are designed to improve the functionality of the device, while also adding protection to it. Chargers for the home and car chargers too are also being marketed for those individuals on the go, and these are essential to keeping the unit fully functional. Batteries, memory cards and car mounts are also necessary to fully optimize the Smart phone experience. There is also a great deal of variety when dealing these accessories as well.

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