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Fast Online Document Translation

Fast Online Document Translation

They are scattered over the internet, bad or downright offensive translations. The amount of these bad translations only become worse when you travel to countries such as China where the translation has to go through two different alphabets. You can only hope that these confusing translations were not the result of a translation agency, but instead the by-products of free translation software or a reduced knowledge of the English language.

A couple of my favourites that I have found are:

Gelatinous Mutant Coconut’ instead of Coconut Jelly Sweets,

‘I like your smile, but unlike you put your shoes on my face’ instead of The grass is living, please do not step on it,

Execution in Process’ instead of Construction in Process,

And my all-time favourite, ‘Do Not Disturb, Tiny Grass is Dreaming’ instead of Do not step on the living grass.

If you need fast online document translation you don’t have to simply rely on the unreliable online translation websites. Many translation agencies offer a rapid service for when you have documents that you need A.S.A.P. and you won’t have to worry that you will receive a jumbled sentence in response. The problem with the free software is that there is no human input in the translation process, it is put together on a ‘translate word for word’ basis, meaning that the final sentence that you are given is unlikely to make sense to a native speaker of the language.

For example, ‘I need fast online document translation’ translated into French is said to be ‘J’ai besoin de la traduction en ligne rapide de document’, however once it is ‘translated’ back into English it becomes ‘I need the translation online fast of document’. For an informal email between colleagues or friends then this is no problem as they are likely to forgive simple sentence structure, however, for important document translation then these sorts of grammatical mistakes can be greatly damaging.

If you need a document translated that uses key terms or terminology that has to be translated correctly in regards to a particular context then I would always recommend going to a translation agency, preferably one which uses native translators. Language is constantly adapting with new words and terms being added every day, a native speaker of the language is much more likely to be aware of these changes, making their translation more appealing to other speakers of the same language. One of the worst occurrences that can happen with non-native translation is that your document’s language can seem ‘outdated’ and cause your target reader not to connect to the text, so always do your research into a translation agency first.

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