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Every Dress Has A Meaning

Dresses are sometimes a girl’s obsession. It will take them several hours just to find a baby dress (or “vestido infantil” in Portuguese) that would fit them. They would look around the department store just to find that certain dress. The style of a dress is one component that would look in a dress. Styles differ with every girl, in short, every style is unique. However, some girls have the same style or adopt styles from well-known tv icons. They would eventually use their styles when choosing a clothes for themselves.

Girls party dresses reflects the personality of the owner. For instance, a bubbly girl would prefer to wear a colorful baby dress (“vestido infantil” in Portuguese) with patterns and vibrant colors; a glamorous girl would choose a dress that she thinks would make her outshine from the others like shiny dresses, dresses filled with glitters and etc.; a simple girl is more likely to pick a pastel-colored dress, it can be either pleated, has ruffles, a corsage or knitted; a conservative girl will choose a dress that covers up almost her entire body. If ever they will wear sleeveless, they will wear cardigans or blazers to cover up their arms; a nerdy girl would typically wear a dress that will make them look classy and sophisticated.

The color of the dresses also represents their personality. For those girls who love pastel colors are passive. They will attend a party not be noticed or whatsoever, but because they want to enjoy. Those girls who prefer vibrant colors of their dresses are those girls who wants attention from people and want to be little miss popular. Their dress says it all even if they would not utter a single word. Almost all girls differ with personality and characteristics but see how they interact and make friends with others regardless of their differentiation.

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