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Essential Technology For The Modern Office

With an ever-evolving technological landscape, it may seem hard to keep up with the constant change when it comes to your business.  Small businesses struggle with high price tags on new forms of technology, while big businesses sometimes are uncertain which type of technology to invest in for their workforce.  There is still quite a sizable digital divide in America today, and if you expect to be taken seriously, there are a few items you need to invest in for your business.

Wireless Networking

Laptops with a secure wireless network allow for a great deal of freedom in the workplace.  Employees are able to take their work from their desk to a conference room, or even take their work home with them, without too much hassle.  Setting up docking stations with a second monitor provides an even easier landscape to get work done.  This setup also allows any clients to log on to your network at your discretion to view presentations or download relevant data.  An added bonus to this approach is the significant reduction in paper usage/waste.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has come along far enough to prove its worth and longevity.   By setting up a data sharing cloud for your company, you are giving everyone the opportunity to work on the same files in real time.  Additionally, cloud computing is a great boon for anyone worried about data backup.  Instead of the worries associated with backing up your information on a drive within your building, a subscription service will allow you to back everything up remotely.  Productivity is significantly improved when everyone in your workforce is on the same page, and you won’t have to bother with emailing files back and forth internally so often.


Business today requires instantaneous communication.  If you have to tell a potential client that you’ll get back to them in a day or two, they will probably take their business elsewhere.  People demand fast results, and you need to implement a communications network that will accommodate them.  Three simple things you can do to this end are to use instant messenger, VoIP, and smart phones.

Smart phones are everywhere now.  For anyone on staff using a company cell, make sure it is a smart phone, preferably with an unlimited data plan.  This will allow them to stay connected to the company network.  VoIP phone services are a step up from regular office lines, and allow for significant cost saving and increased options.   Finally, instant messaging is an easy way for everyone in your office to communicate rapidly, quietly, and from the comfort of their own desk.

If your company isn’t using these technologies, look into it now so that you don’t lose out on business opportunities.

By Lauren Wainwright, a bloger on a team of writers that cover a plethora of topics.

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