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Effective tips for successful Family Intervention for Drug and Alcohol addiction

Effective tips for successful Family Intervention for Drug and Alcohol addiction

Overcoming addiction from substance abuse is too hard for an addict to do it alone. The convenient method of assisting an individual to overcome addiction is by supporting and encouraging him/her to undertake the treatment process. A gathering of close family members and friends would grant the addict willpower to seek help from the bondage of drugs. Below are some tips for effective intervention.

Number of the panel

The most vital part of the interventions is the people who are supposed to be involved. It is recommended that the group should be more than three people and less than ten. The group should consist of people who are mostly affected by the behaviors of the addict. Hence, the group should be limited to people with a personal relationship with the addict.

Meeting and rehearsals

It is necessary for the members who are part of the intervention to meet and rehearse. The rehearsals are meant to ensure every member is well prepared. Meeting for rehearsals will enable the members to sharpen their statements by obtaining reactions from other members. Having more meetings and rehearsals will boost the effectiveness of every member. Also you can take help of

Appropriate timing

Another vital element is picking the time for the intervention. You need to carefully check the schedule of the addict first before determining the best time. Set the intervention for a time when the addict is not busy and does not have any commitments. Most people prefer morning hours when the individual is sober. When the individual is intoxicated, you cannot reason with him/her.

The location

The location where the intervention is supposed to take place has a greater impact on the results the group will receive. Avoid setting this meeting in the home of the addict. In his turf, he/she will feel more empowered to speak the way he/she desires. You should select a neutral ground but in a familiar place. It should be private and with no distractions. Elude places that seem threatening to the addict.

The tone when speaking

The objective of this meeting can only be accomplished if the person listens and acts on the advice given by the members. For the addict to listen, consider the approach of the members, especially when sharing their sentiments. Their tone when speaking can easily discourage the addict from listening. Avoid confronting the addict and judging him. It is preferable to use a positive tone.

Focus on the positives

The members need to refrain from pointing accusations to the addict and blaming him/her for their trouble. The main purpose of this gathering is to encourage the person to stop his bad habits. This can only be possible when the members focus on the positives if the addict decides to change. Negative statements will only damage the prospects of achieving the set goals for the meeting.

Define the goal

It is appropriate for all the members to agree on a common goal. If the members are in one accord, it will be easy to meet the objectives of the get-together. Thus, the statements of every member should be aligned with the specific goals of the meeting. Lack of focus for all members will bring about failure.


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