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Effective Hacks to Get Better Sleep

Effective Hacks to Get Better Sleep

Sound sleep results in improved immune system, heart health, increased productivity and energy, a better mood and even a longer life. Who doesn’t want that? Plus, after sleeping for eight hours straight, you feel so much more satisfied. Sadly, most people are deprived of this blessing due to several reasons. Illnesses, stress and other responsibilities can interfere with your daily slumber and this can take a toll on your life. It is a fact that sleep is a basic necessity of life and not getting quality sleep can impact each and every aspect of your life. Consider visiting the CPAP machines website to get more information.

Therefore, if you are in this fix, you need to use these effective hacks to get better sleep:

Set a sleep schedule and stick to it

Start going to bed at the same time daily and get up at the same time too. This also includes weekends and holidays. Your biological clock will stay steady with a regular sleep routine and you will be able to rest better.

Maintain a sleep diary

If you want to know how your habits affect your shut-eye, you have to keep track of your sleep on a daily basis for at least 2 weeks. Make a sleep diary and note down the time you go to bed, how long it takes for you to fall asleep, the number of times you wake up in the morning and the way you feel in the morning. Also, take note of what you ate before going to bed and the exercise you go. Comparing your daily activities with sleeping patterns might help you in identifying the problems affecting your sleep.

Check your medications

Insomnia may be caused by beta-blockers that are typically prescribed for high blood pressure. A class of antidepressants called SSRIs, which include Zoloft and Prozac, can also interfere with your sleep. Write down every supplement or medication you are taking and get them evaluated by the doctor to see if they may be causing your sleeping issues.

Get a good mattress

This is not something that many people are aware of; your mattress can also have an impact on the quality of your sleep. It has to be comfortable and inviting, but most people assume this means soft. This can be a major mistake because a too soft or too hard mattress can lead to back pain and that’s not something you want. Thus, get a good quality mattress as it can help you better sleep. Try Nectar Mattress from Memory Foam Doctor.

Drink milk and not a martini

A couple of hours after drinking, the alcohol levels in your blood will drop and this will alert the body to wake up. It is a better idea to drink warm milk before you go to bed and avoid a martini. If you do want alcohol, it is best to consume it at least two hours before sleeping or else you will be unable to sleep properly.

With these hacks, you will be able to figure out the reason behind your sleeping issues and thus get better sleep.

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