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Ebay Germany Launches Faster Free Shipping For Special Members

Ebay Germany Launches Faster Free Shipping For Special Members

The newest buzz in the e-commerce markets is the eBay’s Plus plan for its German customers. This plan ensures faster and free shipping to its special customers across the country with a minimum annual subscription fees.

With Amazon Prime already in market for a decade now and offering a two-day shipping to all its US based customers at an annual fee of $99, eBay wanted to experiment the same with a much lesser fees. In May this year Walmart also started a three-day shipping service at a price $50, half of the Amazon Prime subscription fee. On the other hand Ebay is launching the service with an annual subscription of as less as $22, approximately 19.90 Euros.

As per the Plus Program of eBay, the merchant will have to ship the items on the very same day if the order is placed by 14:00 hours. This will allow the customer to receive the product on the very next day or on the second day at the max. The program also includes free returns within 30 days.

This program will also help the merchants to highlight their products and the small business owners to outshine by providing a two-day guaranteed shipping. The merchants would be able to list the products that would be available under this program. The third party sellers that are hooked up with eBay will have to incur the shipping charges by themselves. This will also help in higher product listing for the sellers.

For products sold under the Plus Plan the sellers will gain a 15% discount on their commission fee. For a seller to join this plan to list its products, it is mandatory for them to be a top rated seller. For the customers on the other hand, any customer residing in Germany can sign up for the plan by paying the subscription fee. (To know more about eBay Plus Plan services contact the ebay Customer Care number, 0844 324 0499).

The signed merchants will also get special deals and promotions in terms of allowing better product selling. The model is largely based on the fact that it is very crucial for a German customer to get a hassle free return policy. As per the company though the Plus Plan had already initiated in the last week of September it will be fully operational in October. The company said that already thousands of customers have signed up for the plan and eBay is expecting a brilliant response from the Germans.

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