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Earning Money Online: Top 3 Most Profitable Ways to Spend your Time on the Internet

Earning Money Online: Top 3 Most Profitable Ways to Spend your Time on the Internet

The 21st century has become an age to discover a number of useful novelties, and one of them may be the opportunity to make money without having to make a single step outside your cozy flat. This brings a whole world of possibilities to supplement your regular monthly earnings with some extra bonus. Luckily, there is a huge variety of activities to choose from – anything from website testing to gaming — anyone can find something to fit them. Below are the 3 things you may want to try if you are tired of staying in the office and wish to go for something new and make money online:

Website Testing

This is probably one of the most popular and easiest ways to boost your income. This kind of job means that you are to take part in a paid survey of different websites. The only thing that you will have to do is to search for the “website testing vacancy” and apply for the job. If you are successful, you will be getting paid just for visiting various internet web pages, examining them and testing all the features they might have as well as reporting them for any possible malfunctions, which you might encounter. The competition in this sphere is rather high because a computer with a microphone and a web browser are the only things required for you to start working.

Normally, the standard pay rate for a survey is not that high and is around 1-3 US dollars but remember that it only takes about 45 minutes to complete this task. Using this method, you can manage to make at least 100 dollars per month or more, which would be quite a nice addition to your salary.

However, you should be rather careful as scam is not uncommon here — there is quite a number of fraudsters working in the industry that will take your job and forget to pay for it. One should also look carefully at the company’s privacy policy and Terms and Conditions to make sure that all your personal information will not be sold to a third party.

Online Gaming

Those who are keen on playing online games may try their luck in playing for money. Although this kind of income is rather risky as it certainly requires some initial investment and is often more dependent on chance rather than your skill and knowledge, there is no denying that this way of earning money is definitely the most entertaining one. Today’s virtual gaming includes quite a number of activities. You may try your hand in cybersport, streaming, or simply play games in an online gaming house.

If you feel that competitive online video games are more of your cup of tea, you may try making money with cybersport. Considering its rapid popularity growth, attracting fans from all over the world and championships being held in big cities and towns, there is always a chance that you may not only be able to make some money but also become rather famous.  Nevertheless, it’s important to understand that like in any other sport, the competition here is running high and training hard is the necessary prerequisite for a chance to succeed.

Those who prefer online gaming may try their luck by playing a huge variety of online games and pools, winning small amounts every week or, who knows, maybe even hitting that elusive jackpot and becoming a millionaire. Anyway, this is always a lot of fun and definitely worth trying.

The best part about this kind of leisure is that you can play these games anywhere and on any kind of mobile device you want as online games are optimized to run on both desktop computers, phones, and tablets.

Although the risk to lose all your money persists, playing the games of chance may be a good way of increasing your earnings.

Finally, if you have some gaming experience in any kind of popular computer game, have a good sense of humor or simply want to try something new, you may also check out streaming platforms to play video games and attract donations. Although you’ll need money to start – a powerful PC and good equipment is a must, but possible earnings make it definitely worth it.

Becoming a Tutor

In today’s world, our time is at premium and not everyone is ready to lose. For this reason, many people choose the flexibility of an online tutor.  If you possess a good knowledge of a specific subject (or several subjects) you can make money by tutoring students via the Internet.  This may be a good way to practice something you really like and know and also raise some additional profit. The requirements for the job are simple: a good internet connection and a headset.

The experience that is required from may differ depending on the platform you chose to work with. Some of the companies may require you to have a certain degree in the subject you wish to tutor as well as an experience of several years, while others will only need an information about you to update their database. Usually, the tutors make from $9 to $30 per hour depending on the sphere they are working in as well as their rating. However, keep in mind, that the salary may differ depending on the company you choose.

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