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What is all about? is one of those interactive websites that have been tailored to make life simpler. It is an online retail ‘outlet’ that has all types of electronic appliances and accessories that you will ever need. Think of any household item that uses electricity to run and you will be most likely to find it in this website,

What Makes Special?

If there is anything that is very valuable to anyone who is shopping online, it has to do with time. For this reason, it is very frustrating to take a lot of time shopping for products that do not seem to be found, a characteristic of most major online retailing stores. In retrospect, has a simple interface that organizes all products into a small number of manageable categories, which fit the home page.

For instance, suppose you were looking to shop for (and possibly purchase) some kitchen appliances. When you get to the home page, there is a side panel that clearly show the location of the ‘Kitchen and Houseware’ equipment within the site. On clicking the link, there will be smaller subcategories, which are complemented by an awesome ‘Search’ feature to narrow down the search results.

The Shopping Experience

When shopping online (or simply browsing) for the first time, first go to the address,, and create an account with the site. This will capture your order details, which will be done once since the site will remember your transactions.

flyer has different sections depending on what you need. For instance, there is a section for new products, which helps you keep updated on the new developments in the market. The shopping is secure and simple enough for anyone to make purchases with ease.

The products that are featured on the website have very competitive prices, which are sometimes huge discounts. To view a specific product without having to go through the different categories, there is a drop – down menu which allows you to specify the product type and name before automatically searching for it.

For example, if you are in need of a specific kind of software, you select it from the ‘product type’ menu, before looking for it in a smaller and a more practical set of results. After shopping with, you may decide on the shipping arrangement, which is provided through the secure UPS network of product delivery. The shopping cart is always available for you to give it a try.

Highly recommended especially knowing that a portion of Proceeds go towards building schools across the world supporting Education.

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