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Do you need to operate in Europe?

Do you need to operate in Europe?

Are you looking to conduct business in Europe, and in need of a European bank account? Look not further. Financials1 blog just wrote a new piece about the List of leading European banks.

For each well known global bank, you can find the location of headquarters, date of establishment, services offered, location of top active branches and of course the location of their online web-address for more details.

The reviews are provided free of charge, and the site is free of advertising.

If you have a US-facing business that can apply to individuals or businesses outside the united states, Europe would be probably the first place to look into.

The European markets, for most products and services, are as saturated as their American counter-parts, but the sub-markets could be sometimes highly lucrative and easy to penetrate. You should give it a try.

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