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DIY: Garden renovation

DIY: Garden renovation

Gardens are one of the most beautiful and peaceful places, albeit they are sometimes just a portion of one’s home. There are gardens that encompass an entire park and there are gardens that are just a few vases on the front yard of someone’s home. However, they are bound to lose their touch with time and some renovation will be necessary. Sometimes the renovation will be required because perhaps the garden wasn’t being taken care of and sometimes you just want a new look and feel. Regardless of your situation, here are few ideas to help you renovate and revive your garden.


The best place to start when you want to revamp your garden is by gathering ideas. The more ideas you have the more options you have and the more you increase the chances of coming up with something that has never been done before.

However, it helps if you first determine what it is you would like before you start looking for ideas; otherwise, you may end up in a labyrinth of getting ideas and you may never settle for anything, especially when you are looking at a source with many different ideas. Knowing what you would like prior to looking for ideas will ground you and help you filter what you want from what you don’t.

Some of the best places for gathering ideas are gardening books and magazines, and the internet. Online, take a screenshot or save photos of the ideas you want to work with. With printed media, cut out the ideas that please you most and keep everything together. Then go over what you have collected, determine what works best for you, even if it means mixing up ideas and I bet you’ll settle for something you love.


There are tools you buy and tools you rent.

The tools you buy are the ones you often use in your garden or the ones you can’t afford not to have during a gardening emergency. The tools you rent are those you rarely use or those that are too expensive compared to renting. You can rent tools from a tool rental company, which often is also a company that sells tools, or if you know someone, you can borrow or rent the tool from them.

I find tools like electric drills and power saws more suited for a rental, as they are not necessarily things you’ll use in a garden often but will come in handy during the renovation. However, things like shovels or spades, and pruning shears are things you want with you always, so they are things you buy. I hope you get the idea.

Ultimately, all the tools you’ll need for your gardening renovation will be determined by the nature and magnitude of the renovation.


Do you have gnomes and flamingoes in your garden? What about fountains? Any crazy lighting? Colors?

I must admit, gnomes and flamingoes are a bit old school in gardening but they can still rock with the right attitude and creativity.

But I don’t think fountains will go stale any time soon. They may be quite demanding but if you can afford them, adding a fountain to your garden will give it class and significantly contributes to its serene and calming effect.

I find that adding inanimate objects to your garden really enhances its appearance and makes it magical. I personally love fountains and lighting. The lighting is most beautiful at night especially if well done and arranged according to the garden’s topography.

A combination of a water fountain and good lighting will make your garden magical at night. It will be the one place most people around it will just want to go and sit quietly by, just watching, just thinking, contemplating. It has a wonderful effect.

Remember to add some color to the scene. Adding inanimate objects to your garden enables you to add your own colors and make the scene more diverse and interesting. Really, limits only exist in your mind.

Here are some tips to renovate your garden easily and by yourself. We recommend doing them with a family member or asking our children to help us, so they learn the importance of gardening and do outdoor activities. Give freedom to your imagination, try, make a mistake, fix it… in the end you will learn and make the garden of your house look like it was taken from a story and, best of all, it will be the satisfaction you will feel of having achieved it by yourself and with the help of your loved ones. Surely the first sunny day you’re in your garden drinking a soda with them and enjoying the good weather, you’ll think it’s been worth it.

I hope that’s enough to jump-start you to your beautiful journey of renovating your garden. Happy gardening.

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