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Display Advertising and other forms of online advertising

Display Advertising and other forms of online advertising

When it comes to advertising, there is an almost bewildering array of options nowadays. From traditional print media campaigns to online advertising, determining which is best for your business and will give you the most return on investment can be a daunting task even for the most experienced marketing professional, and if you’re a sole trader trying to bring in more business then it can be overwhelming. One of the companies offering a wide range of advertising options is HealthEdge.

The first choice you have to make is a single advert, or a media campaign. A media campaign is a series of linked advertisements which all come together to make a greater impact. This can be in the form of different adverts in different media, or can be a set of changing adverts that almost tell a story. The goal of a media campaign is to keep the message consistent while keeping the advert itself fresh and novel, increasing the impact but also increasing the expense.

The next choice is online advertising, print advertising or other advertising. In this the key question is your target audience. Online advertising can be very cost effective, but is often overlooked and if not well targeted can be wasted money. Print advertising has the distinct advantage of being very well targeted, but is substantially more expensive and has limited opportunity to change your advertisement depending on the frequency of publication. Other advertising tends to be very localised (bus signs, posters, the back of parking tickets even) and suits a very local business.

Then there is the question of display advertising or classified advertising. This question is more relevant to print advertising rather than online advertising as there isn’t really an online classified advertising equivalent. Display advertising is adverts placed alongside content, within the main body of content. It has the advantage of being highly visible to all readers, but tends to be skimmed over. Classified advertising is the placement of adverts together in a section, the classifieds, where it will attract people interested in the service but will not be visible to the casual reader. For this reason display advertising best suits brand awareness campaigns. In terms of online advertising, display advertising covers any advertisement which appears on the same page as the content, including banner ads and adverts in frames.

Obviously each type of advertisement best suits a different business. A restaurant will benefit greatly from local advertising, a specialist retailer will best suit a hobby magazine, and a large national brand will want a media campaign with a strong preference for display advertising. Classified advertising is still in use but is mainly used for 2nd hand sales of specific items, employment opportunities and very small local service businesses. Where online advertising can be targeted to specific demographics, it becomes very effective, especially for specialist retailers.

Once you have chosen the media best suited for you and designed your advert, the question of effectiveness comes in. If you have only one advertising in place then a simple increase in business shows effectiveness, but where a media campaign is used often each advert will direct users to a slightly different product or web address to judge which section of the campaign has had the greatest impact.

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