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Data Loss and Recovery from iPhone

Data Loss and Recovery from iPhone

iphone-data-loss-and-recover-1-1Do you go out from your city and captures moments, what happened if you lost the data? Many of us don’t know why we have lost our data from the Smartphone or Computer. One of the reasons we know that it may happen mistakenly, do you know any other. There could be many other reasons for the data loss, but most of us don’t know the best practice to safe iPhone data. From a couple of years, we observe that a data recovery software companies has released an infographic to make users know about iPhone data loss and recovery modes. The infographic focused on four points which include

  1. What Causes Your Data Loose From iPhone
  2. Usually Lost Files Type
  3. How Smartphone User Secure Their Phones
  4. 3 Ways to Recover Data From iPhone

What Causes Your Data Lose From iPhone

According to the survey, we know that 35% file deleted accidently and this is a big number, you should think about it. 20% our data loose by water damaged or broken our iPhone, 15% may our iPhone get stolen and failed iOS upgrade or Jailbreak. 10% of chances that data loose while restoring to factory setting without Backup and 5% virus attack on iPhone.

Usually Lost Files Type

According to the data, we know that usually we lost photo or videos, contacts, text messages, call history, iMessages, WhatsApp messages, Notes and Calendar Events. Whatever the cause is you can lose your 20% of photos or videos more than others.

The information we have that 34% data is lost by taking none of the action to secure their data.

How Smartphone User Secure Their Phones

You can secure your data by taking some actions, you can secure 36% of the data by setting a screen lock with 4 digit PIN. Installing anti-virus save 14%, get back up 29% and Sync to iTunes.

Ways to Recover Data from iPhone

There are 3 different way to recover your iPhone Data.

  1. Recover from iTunes.
  2. Recover your Data From Cloud Backup.
  3. Use a Data Recovery Software.

By all these methods we have discussed above now we can secure your iPhone data and can recover our lost data. You also know that why you lose your data and being in trouble. So do the best practice among and save your important data.

An infographic by the team at Easeus, providing secure data recovery services.

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