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Creating Your Own High Profit Niche Pay Per Click Search Engines.

Todays article is all about setting up niche pay per click search engines. If you thought that this was beyond the scope of the individual internet entrepreneur then you would be dead wrong. There are literally thousands of niche markets that are just begging for a speciality search engine – these are thriving industries with thousands of vendors looking for targeted advertising sources such as PPC engines.

What Are Niche Pay Per Click Search Engines?

Google is a search engine. It also has a pay per click element (Adwords) where all types of businesses deposit cash to Googles account in return for advertising space. Each time someone clicks on one of the adverts, the advertiser pays Google a determined amount. It could be 5 cents or as much as a hundred dollars per click.

Now if you have any doubts at all about the potential or profitability of this type of model then just take a look at Googles stock price – it’s worth hundreds of dollars per share. And it’s all thanks to the same basic search engine business model that you’re about to discover.

You see, Pay Per Click traffic is one of the most cost effective, targeted, profitable and popular ways to drive traffic to a website. Almost every single internet marketer or small business uses PPC advertising to drive highly targeted leads to their website. So there is no shortage of people waiting to pay for highly targeted traffic…which is good news for you.

But Google has a massive weakness that’s going to be your strength – Google tries to be a search engine in every niche topic in existence. When you set-up a niche search engine your aim is to focus on ONE TIGHT & SPECIFIC NICHE.

When you do this, you’ll attract the attention of everyone who has an interest in that niche. Set up a niche on hotels in England for example and you have just tapped into the following:

- The huge number of tourists & travellers who look for hotels in the UK. Per year that can mean a potential market in the millions.

- The tens of thousands of hotels, bed & breakfasts and guest-houses.

But why would anyone opt for your specific niche engine ahead of Google? Simply, it has a lot of junk inside its listings. It’s not optimised. Someone searching for a hotel to stay in within the UK would probably prefer to look in a search engine that is dedicated to just that.

Multiple Ways To Profit From Your Niche PPC Search Engine

The good thing about setting up a niche PPC search engine is that you can build multiple sources of profit from it. Essentially, you’ll be getting paid every time someone clicks on an advert. But there are some additional income streams that you can build into your search engine:

You’ll be getting a lot of TARGETED traffic. This is an ideal opportunity to offer additional affiliated products for additional profits.

It’s an opportunity to build a highly targeted opt in list – this can mean significant back-end income if harnessed effectively.

This is important – but once your search engine is operational you can sell it and create a massive pay-day for yourself.

How To Pick A Dynamic, High Profit Niche To Set-Up Your PPC Search Engine

We looked at the UK hotels niche as a good tightly focused niche. What makes it this a good niche, and how can you identify literally hundreds of additional niches with outstanding potential?

When picking a niche, here are a few things that you should consider:

Your niche should have a thriving market. Of course the amounts per click that you can charge are a factor, but so are the potential of prospects in the niche. For speciality niches where you can charge say $20 per click you may be able to get away with a small target market. However, if you’re only charging $0.05 per click then you’ll need a large volume of prospects.

Look for niche markets that are proven to be highly popular. If you can do this then you’ll almost certainly succeed.

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