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Cooler Styles to Wear for Summer

Cooler Styles to Wear for Summer

Summer comes bearing gifts — the cool, relaxed vibe, and loads of heat!

Every occasion calls for its own style of clothes, whether it’s the office, a party, a family outing, or a visit to the beach. However, with temperatures rising in most parts of the country, it can be maddening and terribly uncomfortable to dress up. The temptation to stick with a pair of shorts and a T-shirt is powerful.

Listen up, folks! Rising temperatures should not be an excuse to sacrifice your style standard. Instead, it’s a perfect opportunity to jazz up your wardrobe and incorporate new fabrics and breezy styles into your routine.

This article covers everything from the best style tips and practices to adopt during the hot weather, what to wear in the summer, and essential items you need to slay this summer. With the help of these resources, you can be sure to remain smart and chic throughout the season.

Fashion Tips for Summer Weather

Lightweight Materials are your Friend

Wearing lightweight materials is a no-brainer. Well, unless you like the idea of being stuck in an elevator with a thick cardigan over a polyester shirt; just waiting for the end to come. Trust us, you don’t want to be that person.

Heavier clothes trap heat easily and prevent airflow. To stave off the heat, invest in lighter-weight fabrics such as cotton and seersuckers. Linens are also great materials because the fibers are thinner and it dries quickly—allowing air flow easily.

Fabrics like polyesters and nylons are inefficient during summer because of their thick densities.

Say “Yes” to Lighter Colors

The darker your clothes are, the more light they trap. The more light they trap, the greater they absorb heat. Opt for lighter colors (such as white, blue, or pastels) which tend to deflect the sun, and the heat, away.

Let Your Feet Breathe

As you plan on your hair and your body receiving fresh air, think about your feet too. Shoes that are made of thicker materials, like leather, are impractical in the summer. Stick to lightweight shoes like canvas sneakers. They are incredibly easy to slap on, never go out of style, and work with almost any outfit.

Open-toe sandals, slides, and slippers are also great options for summer life. They allow for even more room to breathe.

Protect Your Skin

The sun’s rays can be especially menacing during the summer; which is why it is advisable to get hats or baseball caps to keep the rays off your scalp. These styles don’t just work to provide shade and keep you cool. They are beautiful styling items that work well.

Essential Items to Keep You Cool and Stylish

Tank tops and T-shirts (Heck, yes!)

For a fun way to stay cool and stylish, go crazy with your T-shirt collection. Get ones with pops of color, tassels at the hems, lace trimmings, or crochet patterns. Go for striped or floral patterns. Try a shirt with a statement. Companies like, a Black pride apparel brand, offer a variety of custom, bold, and stylish t-shirts.  Be sure to experiment with the textures and elements.

Skirts and shorts

You can try pairing trendy styles with your usual ones. Classic examples of trendy bottoms you can look into are palazzo pants, chinos, cropped trousers, and even denim shorts. Don’t shy away from bold-colored bottoms and patterned skirts.

Completer/Enhancer pieces

These are, as the name implies, optional pieces. They include kimonos, denim vests, sheer cardigans, and crocheted vests. All of these can be worn as layers that enhance your style while still keeping you nice and comfortable.


What do you wear on a hot day when you want to slap something on in record time? That’s right, dresses. But not just any dresses – maxi dresses. Maxi dresses are extremely versatile and comfortable to wear. They often do not require a bra, which helps you be cool and comfortable. They can also be used to layer your look with a sweater, jacket, or bralette.

Whoop! Now you know our tips for staying cool and stylish this summer. We hope these tips and hacks will be enough to set your ideas rolling on your oncoming OOTDs. Ready, set, Summer!

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