Monday , 6 July 2020
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We all sympathized with some inconvenient matters and difficulties that occur in the stage of entering an address, and thus got together with the purpose of improving these problems.

We all know how bothering can be sometimes, an example is when someone submits his/her website to 20-30 web directories, to enter each and every time your name, address, e-mail address, business name (if applicable) and so on.

I know there are plugins both for Firefox and Chrome but those aren’t working properly all the time.

Coddress, is a brand new concept: after creating your very own Coddress, all you have to do is type in your Coddress whenever you have to sign up for a new website and click on the search button to let it automatically fill in your address for you. Isn’t that just awesome?

Their website is nice and clean, easy to navigate and very straightforward. The colors are just awesome, the fonts as well, and everything is blended perfectly with the images – to offer the user with an astonishing user experience. Links to their social media fan pages are featured as well, so anyone interested in their products and/or services can get in touch with them easily.

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