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Coalition Government Set to Face Opposition To NHS Changes

A number of doctors who are opposed to the Governments shaking up of the National Health Service have stated their intentions to stand for election at the next opportunity in order to halt the Health and Social Care Bill. The bill has not been without opposition, groups such as the BMA and the RCN have both also been excluded from talks at No 10 such was there vehement opposition to the changes.

The group of around 50 doctors have submitted a letter to the national newspaper the Independent on Sunday, stating their intentions to stand for election at the next polls as the bill goes against the very foundations that the NHS was erected from. It seems that the changes proposed by the Government, which included providing GPs more financial control, did not strike a chord with the medical masses.

Its the lack of understanding from the Government which annoys theses groups most. The Government have failed to seek the correct advice and are steamrolling over the top of these important medical institutions within the UK. Ones that these changes will directly affect on an almost daily basis. And private health firms will surely be circling the issue as they are offering more affordable health insurance deals as more and more people look to secure the best healthcare in England.

The Government has tried to appease these groups who are applying more oppositional tactics by making some changes to the bill. The Government have given the health watchdog Monitor more priority with regards to integrated healthcare systems and giving patients more input into healthcare.

This week a number of Candlelit Vigils are set to take place in locations across the UK in opposition to the proposed NHS changes. The BBC are set to cover the events, which will provide some much needed publicity to those seeking to block the legislation.

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