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Cheat Sheet to Bagging Free Gift Cards in 2019

Cheat Sheet to Bagging Free Gift Cards in 2019

If you’re looking for a quicker way to earn some green these days, you’d be right to get yourself a gift card. Gift cards are one of the most flexible and valuable spending tools available today.

And with digital wallets becoming more prominent and that people are using less cash as the years go by, gift cards are quickly growing to become a common payment method for everyday tasks that we complete online.

So look to the following best ways to earn some extra cash on the side:

1.   Partake in Online Surveys

All you have to do is take a few minutes or of your busy schedule to take some online surveys. There are some survey companies that will reward you with free gift cards and others will just give you straight cash.

Two of the most common and reputable survey companies include Opinion Outpost and Survey Junkie. Both of these companies let you get paid with PayPal cash or free gift cards.

With Opinion Post, you enter into the free $10,000 quarterly jackpot drawing with every survey you finish.

With Survey Junkie, once you receive 1000 points, which is one of the lower minimum point redemption requirements in the survey niche, you can cash your points out for gift cards.

2.   Join Swagbucks

If you’re looking for a flexible rewarding system, then Swagbucks is one of the finest that you’ll find online. Here, you earn points or bucks by completing an assortment of tasks.

Some of the ways in which you can stack up points is by taking surveys, playing games, watching videos, review product samples, surfing the web, and shopping from a Swagbucks retail partner.

You’ll grow to like Swagbucks as you can get gift cards as low as $3 in value for your favorite stores like eBay, Amazon and Dunkin Donuts.

3.   Ebates

Another great way to win a free gift card is by shopping with Ebates. It’s a one-time deal when it comes to free gift cards, but you can continue to get cash back from just about any online purchase.

By first signing up for Ebates, you can choose to receive a $10 Ebates cash bonus or a $10 Walmart gift card. You’ll get your bonus after making your first $25 purchase with Ebates.

It’s possible to earn back cash from over 2000 online stores and from over 30 brick and mortar retailers as well.

4.   Credit Card Rewards

If you have a rewards gift card with you where you can earn points with it, you have a chance to redeem it for gift cards. Choosing a credit card that best suits your buying habits lets you earn bonus reward points quickly.

For instance, you may wish to get a rewards card that pays you two points rather than one point per dollar that is spent at restaurants if you go out to eat on a regular basis.

Your credit card could offer a couple of different reward point redemption options such as free airline tickets or cash statement credits.

5.   Honey

Honey is an amazing cash back app that enables you to earn Amazon gift cards. This app has a cash back reward program known as Honey Gold that can give you 0% to 100% cash back at select stores.

Unlike other cash back portals that provide you with a flat rate on your entire purchase, the reward rate is a mystery with Honey.

Once you complete the purchase at a participating retailer with Honey, you’ll be able to find out if any of the products you purchased are eligible for cashback that can be redeemed for an Amazon gift card.

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