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Tourism QA

Do you live life in the fast lane? You like your steak fillet mignon and your hotels five star? You are constantly travelling and only like the best in quality assurance—you’ve got expensive tastes.   Here’s where extravagance meets bargain and we’ll show you how to travel opulently, on a budget. We will hunt down the deals, show you all the know-how and tips to a glorious travelling experience. Enjoy candid reviews and blog posts packed with tasteful and savvy travel opinions and news to help you travel like a pro. At Tourism QA you will also have the bonus ... Read More »

Collision shops in Downriver Michigan

There are lots of causes for collision, but once a collision happens, it is important to choose the proper auto-mechanic for your car. It is important to choose a cost effective auto-mechanic. If you choose a cheap auto mechanic for your car, you will get only slight improvements on your car that will make your car’s paint look terrible. So, it is important not only to choose a good car-mechanic, but also to pick up your car on the proper weather, so you can inspect your car to see if your car has been properly repaired. You must make sure ... Read More »

Mercury, your daily emerald blog

We have been taught to think in a negative way, so the pattern of negative thoughts is affecting our marriages and life in general. In order to change this pattern of negative thinking, we have to change our beliefs that have been implemented while we were growing up. We have to create habits of positive thinking that will undo the damage created by the improper teaching of our parents. As children, we learned how to behave according to our parents reactions to various events. So the behaviour, we picked up from our parents affects out marriages. If we lived in ... Read More »

Passboard – Logins and Passwords Keyboard

Accessing your login credentials has never been this easy! Passboard combines the secure storage of a password manager app with your keyboard giving you easy access to your credentials. Instead of switching to your password manager to copy username and password, you can directly enter your credentials using your the Passboard keyboard extension. How it works: 1. You save account credentials in Passboard (e.g. username/password for facebook) 2. You browse to the login page of the website 3. Using the Passboard keyboard you select your account and with one fingertip Passboard inserts your username and you paste your password and ... Read More »

Why I moved from Godaddy VPS to TDWS Cloud Server

Earlier this year I was frustrated with the service I was getting for VPS. I was with Godaddy and with all the upgrades that I discovered I needed much later and had to pay for to upgrade I was in search of a more straightforward option. I mean getting the services you want should not be a crossword puzzle. So I searched and came across TDWS Cloud Servers.  The service I have gotten has led me to mention their services to my colleagues and pretty much anyone looking for a server. Why TDWS? TDWS (TD Web Services) There are certain ... Read More »

Roy Albert Andrade

  The winter holiday season is coming. During the holidays, it is always a good idea to spend your free time, reading a novel in order to prevent a brain atrophy, as a result of the decline of cognitive work during the holidays. You should find an interesting novel that will show you the life on the other side of your city. Reading novels and autobiographies give you another outlook on life and help you see life from another angle; autobiographies and novels let you learn from other people’s mistakes and experiences. So, you should choose a good book that ... Read More »