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3 Ways Airlines Can Save Money

Like other businesses, airlines are often looking for ways to reduce expenses. The solutions that people come up with can be creative and effective ways to decrease costs without failing to live up to customer expectations. 1. Use Owner-Produced-Parts Airlines that need parts produced for their airplanes are often at the mercy of supply companies. Long lead times and high prices can have a detrimental impact on the company’s bottom line. Using owner-produced-parts can be a great way for airlines to save time and money while also allowing airplanes to return to service and generate income faster. Places that specialize ... Read More »

7 tips of producing a corporate video for your association

Corporate videos are gaining popularity as the use of social media is increasing. People are now more likely to watch a video than to read the written content. This is because visual content attracts people besides, it is more interesting. But a raw video is not perfect without some touch of editing. Almost all the companies are moving towards this new change and making corporate videos for their association. But things are different in imagination and planning from the things in reality. Planning a corporate video is way easier than actually making a video on that specific idea. Besides, now ... Read More »

Dishonesty Bonds Explained

Bonding is not just an important part of your risk management strategy that helps optimize the cost of keeping your business safe, it’s also a requirement in many industries. Unfortunately, it’s not a very transparent experience for those who are new to bonds, and there are many types. One of the most common and widely used is the fidelity bond, also known to most managers and company officers as the employee dishonesty bond. Before buying your fidelity bonds, it’s important to know what type you’re being quoted. That’s because you may need to purchase more than one, especially if the ... Read More »

The Most Exciting Uses for a 55 Gallon Drum

Unless you own an automatic drum filling machine, chances are that you don’t think you have any use for an old 55-gallon drum or large barrel. Well, you would be wrong. There are so many useful things that you can do with them that you’ll want to find more of them so you can do more projects. Take a look at these suggestions, then have fun making them. Rain Barrel One of the most popular uses for large barrels is to use them for rain harvesting. It is easy to implement, saves on water bills and the rainwater is better ... Read More »

Best Fall Travel Tips  

Fall has finally arrived, and whether you’re a leaf peeper headed out to see the beautiful foliage, or you’re geared for a road trip to visit apple orchards, farm stands, and colorful sights along the way, here’s a few essential Fall driving safety tips, according to Ohio Put in Bay: Fallen leaves can be dangerous – Fallen leaves are responsible for many accidents. If they’re wet, they can cause your car to slip, and slippage can be deadly on those curvy mountain roads. If the leaves are dry, they can swoop up under your car and lodge themselves either inside ... Read More »

Why Tents are useful in Sporting events

From school level tournaments to the very pinnacle of the sports like the Olympics and the World Cups, outdoor Marquees are best suited to sports events of all sorts and sizes. Be summers or winters, mountains or beaches, for kids or adults; Outdoor Marquees have you covered at all bases. These Marquees can be used as team tents, dressing rooms, cover houses for media and television people, stop shops for organizers, refreshment stands and the list goes on. Apart from these utility benefits, there is always the scope of branding and marketing that comes with a marquee. With that being ... Read More »