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How to Ace your DMV Writing Test

Written tests are challenging, and some may find it more challenging than the practical test. Every one out of five candidates fails the DMV writing test. You might be confused as a candidate taking the test for the first time, or you are just unsure about how to go about preparing for the test. Either way, lots of preparation, practice, and patience can help you ace your written test without must effort. This article will brief you about some useful tips to help you prepare and ace your DMV written test. If there are any doubts or questions in mind, ... Read More »

Building a Better “About” Page – 6 Things You Need to Do Now

Are you proud of your personal “About” page? Some version of this page probably appears on your personal website, your professional website (if separate), your employer’s or business’s (if you’re the owner) website, and your various social media profiles. If you’re prominent enough to earn speaking engagements or publishing contributorships, some version of your “About” page may appear on third-party sites, as well. That means a lot of pressure to get things right. Let’s take apart six things you need to do sooner rather than later to get your “About” page to where you’d like it to be. Spin a ... Read More »

Marketing – Things You Should NOT Do

Marketing can be a strange thing sometimes. There’s a lot you’re supposed to do. You’re supposed to be prominent in the public. You’re supposed to mix promotion with building trust. However, people don’t talk about what you’re not supposed to do. There are things that you should definitely avoid when it comes to marketing. They’re not always obvious, but they exist The problem with this is that a lot of businesses don’t know what to avoid. Obviously, this can present a problem. You don’t want to make a stupid mistake and lose out. To try and help with this, we’re going to ... Read More »

Here’s How to Play the US lottery Online

When we hear the term online and lottery; we think of a great combination and a cool way to play the lottery in a unique, cool and “safe” format. But in truth and in fact, playing online is way more than that. In the US, many gamblers do play the lottery and a lot play it online. But what are some of the features which must be taken into consideration before one takes fully to playing online? The US is known to many as one of the most played across the world as there are so many gambling spots especially ... Read More »

Who is George Mountbatten?

When it comes to the British Royal Family, with lineages spanning centuries and various marriages with other great European houses, it can often be hard to keep track of who’s who. This article looks at the life of George Milford Haven, the Head of the House of Mountbatten, and a second cousin of the Duke of Edinburgh. Who is George Mountbatten? George Ivar Louis Mountbatten became the 4th Marquess of Milford Haven upon the death of his father in April 1970. He was the Earl of Medina prior to 1970. His younger brother is Lord Ivar Mountbatten. George Mountbatten is ... Read More »

Get Like On Your Page And Zoom Ahead Of Competition

Modern times have changed how business is done. The evolution of the market based on the internet has lately defined how you are going to market your business. Impact of having a heavy social presence is immeasurable as you won’t be able to gauge how many potential customers you are missing when not online with your business. This is why it’s imperative now to have a social media existence and no better place to have a visual glimpse given to clients than the popular photo sharing app Instagram. This is one place you can promote your growing business without much ... Read More »