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Modern websites – How should they look like?

A modern website should attract viewers with both visual and interesting content. It is known that the first thing that catches the user’s attention will be the image, so it’s worth ensuring that the visual layer is really attractive. The visual aspect is the basis You’ve probably seen more than once that the visual layer of a website is something that plays a key role in attracting the user’s attention. Many web development agencies emphasize that compact blocks of text on the first page do not bode well for the content of the entire website. So the first impression counts ... Read More »

What is Cloud Computing?

What is Cloud Computing? Why do many users find the term Cloud Computing unclear? Maybe because most of the IT people who use it don’t know that they do or have too little information about it. Many of us use Cloud Computing daily, and in a nutshell, it is the term by which we describe different situations in which computing or operations resources are delivered as a service over a network connection. In other words, it is a computational system that relies on the sharing of physical or virtual resources such as software or hardware, eliminating the need to have ... Read More »

The connection between an access device in the hosting account and their security

Keeping the security of a hosting account, an online business hosted on a dedicated server or VPS cannot be limited to just a strong password, various techniques used or software installed on the server. The greatest importance must be given to the PC or any other device through which you manage your hosting account. Such an account can be infected with various scripts or codes that are programmed to delete sites, send spam emails or move/redirect them to another web domain once they have gained control over them. At the same time, any device that performs the modification or administration ... Read More »

Home Security in a Smart and Interconnected World

There are infinite possibilities in technology, we exist in an age where simple is outdated. Ideas and systems are increasingly sophisticated that affect almost all of the things that happen around us. The technological advances go further than our phones, computers and now connectivity is in our other devices and you can for example; your fridge, windows, appliances, clocks utensils, doorbell and the list goes on which you control with your smart phone. This interconnectedness has paved the way to the smart home age. A smart home where all these devices communicate to you, send you information and take commands ... Read More »

The Importance of a Non-compete Agreement

A non-compete agreement is a contract that involves two parties – an employer and an employee. In a non-compete agreement, the employee agrees to not enter into a competition with the employer after the employment agreement between both parties has been terminated. Non-compete agreements are also called non-compete clauses (NCC), and they are a legal agreement in which an employee agrees to never enter into competitive market/Profession, designer with the employer. The Importance of a Non-compete Agreement The importance of a non-compete agreement cannot be overemphasized as it is used when the employment between an employer and an employee has been ... Read More »

All About Gasoline Powered Radio Control Cars

Gasoline Powered Radio Control Cars are a great hobby for the beginning enthusiast or the expert owner who has been racing for years. There are many variations of these cars, including size that will give you an idea of how fast you can race them. Understanding how to go about purchasing a gasoline powered radio control car can be difficult as there are so many on the market. There are several criteria for you to think about before purchasing your gasoline powered radio control car. These include: Size, Cost, Beginner or Expert Car Racer, Name Brands that are known for ... Read More »