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Top 5 Technology Trends Regarding Consumer Electronics In 2014

Those interested in the latest technology trends regarding consumer electronics in 2014 should keep an eye on the CES fair this year, where the most important technological releases are made available to the general public. However, there are also other things to be known about major trends in 2014. Although manufacturers like Apple, Samsung and Google launch premium devices separately outside the CES event, the exhibition is still producing electronic reference to 2014 trends in technology. Last year at CES were presented 4K technology, TV integration with smartphones and new types of interfaces such as gesture control technology that monitors ... Read More »

Put ANY custom image on a phone case or tablet cover!

Content: ANY person can upload ANY image to a wide selection of custom products, allowing anyone to create a fun, unique and creative product for themselves or as a gift! Custom phone and tablet covers are our #1 selling product, and our prices are lower than most other online retailers for custom phone and tablet cases. Design your own product directly from our website, and we will ship your custom product in a matter of days!   Great for business promotion, or as a gift, or just because you want to be unique and make your phone case your own. ... Read More »

Gadgetviper: Latest technology news and reviews of cool gadgets

I’m not certain if you’re conscious of this, but devices are extremely awesome. Devices could make us feel wonderful since they touch our internal needs: security, relaxation, utility. Folks are located of gadgets since they make our life easier, however the same people overlook the chief goal of human life: enjoyable. Since they provide heaps of enjoyment, that’s the reason I really like gadgets. We’re not adults, we’re big children, and toys are needed by kids. I really like to analyze them, to play together, to integrate them into my daily life. Like ladies have dolls, boys have firearms, I ... Read More »

Best laptop for college 2014 saved my life. No, seriously. Last summer, I almost didn’t get to go to college at all. Well, that might be exaggerating. But it seriously felt that way. It was my last summer before college, and right after I graduated, he got laid off. I’d already had the same old laptop for years, but I know I’d have to make do. I mean, come on, it’s a laptop. That’s cool all by itself. Then I stepped on it in the dark. I heard the crack of the plastic and the screen breaking—it sounded sickening, like a giant cracking somebody’s ... Read More »

Rediscover the master photographer in you is a website dedicated to people who are creative and who want to express their creativity through photography, music, or writing. The goal of the website is helping creative people to easily express their creativity and their perspective on life and the universe. You can start with photography and make your photos to look exactly as you would want them to be. The makers of this website have a great attention to the details that really matter. Polarr is a smart photo processing engine and a creativity assistant that can work with the user so that the user obtains ... Read More »

Skinny Charge – The Instant Battery Charger that Slips Neatly into your Wallet. An Indiegogo Campaign.

It is a very refreshing change these days to be able to look at a new gadget and say to yourself “I get it”, or  “That’s clever”, let alone “I could really do with one of those”. Well the Skinny Charge would seem to evoke all three of those sentiments without prompting. It is practical, it is useful, and above all else, it is small. There is an old proverb along the lines of “Beautiful things come in small packages” but in today’s modern IT world, perhaps ‘Useful’ could be added to ‘Beautiful’. The Skinny Charge is, if nothing else, ... Read More »