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CHOETECH’s 6 Ports 50W Multiple USB Charger Coiuld Charge iPhone 6 in less than 2 Hours

  Our family is one of those who cannot leave their electronics behind when they leave for a holiday. On our last trip we travelled with a couple of iPhones, one Samsung S5 and a HTC M8 as well as one iPad mini and an iPad Air. Yes, we know we have a problem. The trouble was sometimes finding enough sockets in the hotel rooms where would stay, as well as the huge host of chargers that we had to carry around always. This time however, we went prepared. The CHOETECH 6 port rapid charger worked exactly as advertised. It ... Read More »

Best place to sell your used cell phones

The number of electronic devices that end up as waste in these current times is tremendous. The effect of this on the environment is obviously heavy. To cut on such impact, Mail in Mobile provides an alternative that allows people to properly dispose their old and broken gadgets and get compensated in the process. Mail in Mobile is a recommerce website which allows people to sell their used cell phones, mp3 players, and tablets and receive cash in return. Then they find a second home for those devices to make sure they do not end up in a landfill contaminating ... Read More »

Computer Forensics Is Gaining Prominence In The Technological World Of Today

Everyone loves technology. Right now, simply by reading this on your computer, tablet, or smartphone, you are showing your affinity for, or at least reliance on, technology. You cannot go anywhere today without seeing people on the web (preferably using cheap SSL certificates), using computers at work, the bank, the grocery store, and more. Technology makes our lives easier for the most part, or at least it should. On, my laptop, I have a lovely wallpaper field related to Computer Forensics. 🙂  Of course, you also have to consider that even though technology has many great uses, some people out ... Read More »

So Many Possibilities – Where and How to Buy an iPhone 6

It is amazing how many variations of the iPhone have seen success on the market, and it is truly a testament to the reliability and brand recognition of Apple products. As such, plenty of retailers and establishments have begun to offer the device for sale in order to corner a piece of the huge market that comprises Apple users. An average shopper may not know where to look in order to get the best deal on their iPhone, their service contract, or to get the best customer service. If you’ve been wondering how you can get the best of all ... Read More »

Save Energy by upgrading your monitor

Bestmonitorsreview is a site which provides comprehensive reviews of computer monitors. It takes an approach of dividing it’s reviews into the best gaming monitors and best business monitors available. The reviews are very detailed and take every aspect of monitor performance into consideration to allow you to make the right decision based on your needs and budget. The specs of each monitor are provided and each attribute is rated accordingly. The rating system itself is very clear and easy to understand with a 5 star rating system for performance and a secondary rating applied for cost against value. If you have ... Read More »

CardFi – world’s first iBeacon Business Card

iBeacon Business Card have been making some huge gains in popularity over the recent years. Most of these cards are available in the shades of silver and gold with spot color inks printed on the surface. iBeacon Business Card are often produced using stainless steel, aluminum or copper. There are numerous iBeacon Business Card printing companies which offer custom options for very basic to the extravagant. There are very limited companies in the US who specialize in the metal cards. But you can find better pricing and more options from metal business card manufacturers in China. Also numerous print brokers ... Read More »