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Best iPhone 6 waterproof cases

  Apple’s iPhone 6 is one of the best smartphones available today. Unfortunately, the device (and most smartphones) does lack something in the form of a waterproof build. If a user drops the iPhone 6 in water, then the device will break sooner rather than later. offers reviews and prices on the best iPhone 6 waterproof case, though. Luckily, the website covers a variety of waterproof iPhone 6 cases, and every user should own a waterproof case for a variety of reasons. Even spilling a small amount of water on the device could break the internal hardware. In most cases, this costs hundreds of ... Read More »

High-Tech Solutions Enter the Smoking Market

You might have thought an old habit like smoking was resistant against high-tech innovations. You’d be wrong. The reality is – technology now plays a huge part in making this controversial pastime safer, healthier and cheaper. We’re going to look at what’s been happening. The E-cig. You must have seen them by now. Tobacco smoking has been a failing industry for a long time now. Years of government regulation and bad press have meant smoking isn’t cool like it used to be – and for good reason. Quite simply, tobacco smoke is bad for you. The number of carcinogens found ... Read More »

The new way to message arrived!

PidgenApp is a messenger app that allows people to send messages to a geographic location rather than a specific person. You can ask questions about the places of interest, weather, traffic or just say hi to someone on the other side of the world. Ask a person anywhere in the world any question you want. Pidgin allows you to send messages to geographic locations rather than directly to people on your contact list. Send a message to a location on a map, and people within a specified radius will reply. **CONNECT WITH ANYONE ANYWHERE** Send messages to people in the destinations ... Read More »

Kosee Qi Smart Wireless Charging Cradle Stand for Samsung Galaxy Note 4

  Kosee Qi Smart Wireless Charging Stand is a unique stand for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. There are 3 induction coils that help give the phone quick efficient charging with zero problem. The cradle works great and almost flawlessly with this specific smartphone. There is an added tilted design that helps you have a comfortable view of your device. Read the reviews to get a quick overview of the nice things that make this worth the investment. The smart overcharging technology is great because it has a standby mode for even when the battery is completely charged. The overall design ... Read More »

The Best Date Ideas for Tech Geeks

Tech geeks have been stereotypically known to fly solo and shy away from dating. However, with more and more online dating options to make the process of finding someone with similar interests easier than ever, that stereotype is becoming a lot harder to believe. Tech nerds are uniting and engaging in normal dating, but of course, dating for them is never normal. Tech geeks want to have a unique experience that will test their knowledge and their imagination when dating. There are a lot of great ways for nerds to share their love of technology while enjoying a fun date. ... Read More »

Get 15MB Cloud Free Storage in Less Than 3 Minutes

In this technological era, storage is never enough. Hard disks have capacities of terabytes and they are still not enough for some people or businesses. This is where cloud storage becomes really useful. Cloud technology has many advantages and one of them is the easiness of use. There are many services available for those who are interested and one of them is provided by Google. But, the problem is that the space that is available is not enough for most people. Protect your files with cloud storage free. Automatically backup all your documents, photos, music, videos and more to the ... Read More »