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TunesGo: steps right into the world of streaming and experiencing music

The music industry has undergone some vivid and controversial changes. The growing popularity of the Internet and its ubiquity in just about every homeis kind of shocking for parents nowadays. Just as iTunes reinvented how we listen to music (on the go, from our phone), new music streaming channels are changing how we digest music. It seems that only collector’s buy albums anymore. Music streaming is easier, more manageable, and often more lucrative than other channels could ever be in this new day and age. WonderShare’s ‘TunesGo’ website has stepped right into this world in a big way. The core ... Read More »

Guest posting is dead and can harm your website

Some of you are aware that Google has penalized guest posting. Despite the fact that Matt Cutts clearly stated two or three times Google’s opinion about guest posting, people continued to do it. MOZ specialists, on their forums, were vouching for this method of getting back-links as being one of the best. Yeah, it’s true, guest posting was one of most used link building techniques in the 2-3 years. Almost every one who ever accepted a contributor on his blog must of been got spammy e-mails from various “SEO-ers” (quote used with purpose…) all of them containing the same spam: ... Read More »

Recycling iPhone Accessories at PhoneHub

A recycling store that is a leading buyer for used iPhone products is certainly unexpected but such a sustainable approach is quite a fetching cause. Initiated in 2013, the consumer friendly venture has been conceived to provide users with the perfect income opportunity – selling their old iPhone models and earning a few bucks. If your cell phones are beyond repair and recognition, the damaged goods can be sold on PhoneHub. The online popularity of the website led to the creation of a retail store in Vineland that monitors a series of consumer cell phones and sells them at a certain ... Read More »

AquaShield for Car Body Protection

  The AquaShield reformulation provides your car with the ability to keep your car body protected for up to 3 years. This clear formula creates a high gloss shield that is scratch, mildew and UV resistant while keeping it easy to clean. AquaShield colorless and clear Nano protection acts as an anti – aging remedy for your car. This is recommended for all makes and models of cars and works on alloy tires and urethane parts as well. There are preliminary steps to take prior to applying AquaShield. It should not be applied under the scorching sun, in the rain and only after the ... Read More »

Revolutionary Portable Solar Generator With Curved Solar Cells

  For anyone who is unfamiliar with solar generators this website tells you everything you need to know, and more importantly you’ll leave this website knowing the best solar solution for you. As an important power source for the future and now people are taking solar very seriously, and Solaroad Technologies have created practical solar products that will be accessible to most people looking to invest in solar power. Unlike expensive solar panels, a lot of their products are maintenance free, don’t need expensive installation and are portable. The first page answers all of your queries with FAQs listed at ... Read More »

Best Note 3 and Note 4 cases

Finding the perfect case for your Samsung Galaxy handset isn’t always easy. In fact, with so many cases on the market, it can be difficult to know which one’s right for you. You will want a case that protects your device from scratches and cracks, and prevents dust, dirt, and grime from damaging your handset. Whether you are looking for a flip case, wallet, leather case, or kickstand, Galaxy Note 3 Cases is your one-stop shop when it comes to finding the BEST cases and screen protectors. Set up by self-confessed tech geek Superior Printing, the website has all the ... Read More »